Can mushrooms spoil?

Discussion in 'General' started by brendan, May 17, 2004.

  1. I am wondering if i were to obtain a quarter ounce of psyclobin mushrooms near the end of june, would they still be safe to consume by late july or early august. Any information would be appreciated, thank you
  2. As long as they're completely dry when you obtain them, yeah they should be fine. Try to keep them in a paper bag however, as opposed to a plastic bag. That'll help. And keep them out extreme heat, as that breaks down the good stuff. :D
  3. il try and elaborate on the situation a bit further and maybe u can give me some more tips. The "plan" is to keep these mushrooms in an airtight metal container with the mushies in the suggested paper bag. My original plan was to burry this airtight metal container but as u mentioned moisture i dont think keeping them underground will be very smart. So if i were to keep them in a metal case in the paper bag theyd be fine for lets say two months ?

    Thankx for ur help, its really appreciated.
  4. Yeah, they should be fine. I wouldn't both burying them, thats a little overboard. Just keep them in your room or whatever. You could keep them in a freezer or a refridgerator also, if thats an option.

    Why you plan on buying them two months in advance? Can't you just wait til you actually need them, and then buy them, and not worry about holding onto them for two months? Or are they real difficult to get a hold of them where you live?
  5. the afermentioned need to burry them and buy them so far in advance is because i go away to a camp in the summer as a counsellor. There are frequent checks for alcohol in the cabins etc. Burring everything sounded to me like the easiest way to conceal the goods ...
  6. Oh, I gotcha. But you're a counselor, shouldn't you have control over what they search and what not. A quarter of mushrooms isn't that big of a package or whatever, you should be able to conceal it in a hundred different places before resorting to burying it underground.
  7. carpenters pocket in the bottom pair of your jeans in your bag/suitcase lol :p

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