Can Mt. Dew lower sperm count?

Discussion in 'General' started by souz, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. According to an interview in this months am issue of Transworld skate magazing justin brock (am for nike) said mountain dew can lower sperm count...

  2. and thats a negative how? lol MJ and MD lower the count eh, Big deal, unless you WANT to have spawn! I see it as a positive side effect, a benifit. i dont care if they all die. Kids are not for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ha i agree on it being a positive but i really dont care for mountain dew ill drink it though

    if this is true hell yeah ill drink it
    i wanna get fucked up in the bahamas
  4. Lol no mt dew doesnt lower sperm count. i have a friend who has drank at least 1 mt dew a day since ive known him (no joke) and he has 4 if anything, it makes you super potent

  5. doubt it..but his part in southern comfort is fucking sick!!
  6. yea..the chemical yellow 5 is what causes low sperm counts
  7. lol

    That didn't stop me from having kids

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