Can mold be transfer though a seed???

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  1. So I know mildew is stymetic, and i just got an oz of some really good OG only to examine it and relize it was coverd in mildew!! It really broke my heart. As i was going through it i found a couple seeds one of which I squeezed and it didnt pop. So if I clean and plant this seed will it have the mildew already?
  2. Its all good. Nope.

  3. Do you know what i can use to clean the seed cause i have a 100 x microscope and i can see spoars on it. I was thinking a slight sulfur wipe down follwed by a good rinsing and drying would that be good? and I went through your pest thread do you know what i can use instead of sulfur for mold, I applied a dust 8 days ago and im on day 14 of flowering. Will neem oil work if i just wait a couple more days and I have spider mites aswell.
  4. I wouldnt use sulphur to clean it.
    Just a good rinse should do. Just plop it in the
    glass for 24 hours to crack it. That should suffice.

    For the mold, I find Neem and a clean cloth works great,
    then keep on using the Neem for maintenance afterwards.
    Dont use on budz tho.

    If u are sure u have spider mites, I suggest fogging asap.

    I recommend Doktor Doom (red can). Pyrethrin breaks down
    in 14 - 21 days with no residual effects. Your bud will still be
    great too. 100 % organic.

  5. Can i fog in a room closet safely ? I bought a sulfur burner then found out it could really have negtive effect on me in the close quaters but my closet is 9x5 (actual grow area 6x5) with a 6 inch inline and booster, bringing fresh air from a the one window in my apartment which is only a one bedroom

    and thanks for the advice so far man
  6. Thats a perfect space to fog. Im glad u found out
    about Sulphur burners detrimental side-effects.

    Fog just before lights out.
    You are welcome. Anytime.

  7. Yeah so am i, and thanks again just bought the doktor and am looking forward to getten rid of those little bastards!
  8. for the neem should i buy 100 % pure neem oil ?
  9. Its up to u.

    I like to get 100% and make my own sprays.
    Theres tons of good recipes out there.

  10. Whats up man, so I used the doktor doom red can and It doesnt look like it worked at all. And after when i picked the can up to throw it away it was still half full is that normal? Also do you know if i can use Ajax lemon dish soap as an emulsifier for the neem oil?
  11. Thats a defective fogger. Get your money back
    and repeat the treatment.

    I would recommend Dawn unscented liquid
    dish soap. It is the most gentle and environmentally
    friendly of the soaps.

  12. danm i thought so, since it was deffective you think i should be ok to fog again tomarrow vs waiting another two weeks cause i just found a whole damn mite family on the top of one of my top fan leaves!!!
  13. Yes - by all means - ASAP !!!

  14. So i used a 5.5 oz fogger and Mite are still everywhere I spent almost 2 hours on my bluedream manualy squishen the little fuckers and pulling of any leaves that had webs, Which was about 10 Im at day 25 of flowering and internodes are no longer visible on my tops Should i give them one neem oil spray and just be very careful to only get on the leaves? or should i just buy some more lady bugs?
  15. This is the first time I have ever witnessed Doktor Doom
    not even making a dent in SMs.

    Neem isnt even close to pyrethrum in kill ability, so
    forget that. Im also sure If u try Ladybugz now, youll
    lose alot due to the Neem and Pyrethrum residual effects.

    How bad is the damage now ???

  16. I know, I seriously cant belive it didnt work. I was so skeched just from reading the lable i was sure it was gonna work. I mean I have sulfur dusted 3 times (in 2 months) and the last was about 17 days ago but also with the doktor doom I cant belive they are still there. They have managed to keep themselvs on the leaves but my im only on day 25 of flower so still a while to go, The leaves are starting to get little white spots in real concentrated areas, and some leaves had webs but i think i got all those we'll see. When my son goes to bed im planing on spending another 2 hours squishing them I hope that helps. other then the few leaves my plants look beautiful and in some areas the very tips of the pistils are starting to die but only the tips.
  17. I feel helpless here man.

    All avenues have been exhausted.
    U can try again with the Doktor Doom. Its good for second applications.
    Safe as usual.

    I would, u have everything to lose bro !!!


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