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Can marijuana help with OCD and social anxiety?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LonelyStonerx, May 14, 2011.

  1. Okay, so I'm 18, and I haven't been diagnosed with OCD or social anxiety, but as a young child I've had compulsions to do things, most of which involve pain, like digging my nails into my arm or squeezing by muscles until they cramp and spasm. Anything from making noises to head banging until I can feel my brain jostle in my cranium. I can control it in public but I also suffer from severe social anxiety, I barely have friends and I'm the notch up from a mute. I dread social events and have a hard time sleeping when I have something coming up. My parents are sort of aware of my OCD, but not really with my social anxiety, and I've/they've never seeked professional help for me.

    But a couple weeks ago, I smoked marijuana with an acquaintance, but I just got giggly, numb, slow and a little paranoid. I'm pretty sure it was indica, and I'm looking forward to trying sativa over the summer, as I'm under the impression it will have a lot better effects.

    But I've been reading online that some people claim success with in marijuana for OCD and social anxiety, and I do recall feeling mellower and not as self conscious as I am on a daily basis while I was high, but I didn't like the numb feeling. And the slowness kind of scared me. But for the most part, I didn't have any compulsions, even though my compulsions are controllable in public for the most part. So I'd like to have medical marijuana, but the problem is, I live in Arkansas, so medical marijuana is totally illegal. And my parents are very against it as well, they have no idea I've tried it. I have made small attempts to straighten their views on marijuana, but with little success. So if I want to use marijuana, I'll have to be a criminal until I go to college (which doesn't bother me A LOT a lot, and here in the South, law enforcement isn't that fantastic), hopefully then I can be officially diagnosed with OCD and get medical marijuana. But I'm forced to wait till summer to try it again due to drug tests at school.

    So I'm just looking for your thoughts, will I get a good amount of success do you think? My biggest problem is the social anxiety, constant discomfort in public and being friendless is really horrible. I'd really like something that can take the edge off. And I could really use something for my OCD as well. But I don't wanna be high all the time, I like being fully conscious and I take education quite seriously.

    Eagerly awaiting your response, thanks.
  2. Also, articles of doctors confirming success with these disorders would be fantastic as well.
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    Hon, see that first link in my sig? Click it and start reading! You will find the medical studies you need on OCD and the ANXIOLYTIC EFFECTS of cannabis (and WAY more). Here's a new one that will be in the July 2011 version of my List. (edit- dang! weednot crack beat me to it! LOL)

    Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulated public speaking in treatment-naïve social phobia patients. (abst – 2011)

    [FONT=&quot] Cannabidiol reduces the anxiety induced by simulat... [Neuropsychopharmacology. 2011] - PubMed result

    New varieties of cannabis with higher CBD levels are beginning to show up in California dispensaries. CBD makes you calm, but not high!

    Granny :wave:
  4. I'm a little antisocial, have some social anxiety issues at times. And I've always felt smoking helps. It usually helps me relax and take the edge off of social settings.
  5. Great answers. Also, as I stated before I live in the South and my school is tiny and while they do drug tests for the most part if you don't get picked randomly you're in the clear because the person I went smoking with goes to school high on a regular basis, even smokes in classes when the teacher isn't there sometimes, not to say he's a good student, because actually he's not at all. But I could probably pull off going to school buzzed to take the social anxiety away while I'm there. But will that effect my learning/concentration abilities? I wouldn't go extremely high, just enough to enable me to be more social than I am right now. But also a concern, when I was high before, the whole time I couldn't control the giggling at all. Even when I'm not high if something is funny I usually can't control my giggling, but it was a lot worse when I was high. Is there a way I can tame that if I do wanna go to school buzzed?
  6. If you are concerned about excessive giggling or concentration problems I would suggest to get used to the herb in private before taking yourself out into the world under the influence of it. Come to think of it, I would suggest that to anyone who is new to the herb.

    For that matter, you may find that you don't need to consume cannabis right before situations you find challenging, but could instead medicate at night and enjoy the high, then reap the benefits during your day to day activties.

    I'm personally medicating primarily for major depression, though I do have a bit of OCD and social anxiety as well. I find that I can do well with medicating at night, two or three times a week, and have an amazing amount of relief without having to walk around high and worry about other people finding out.

    Of course everyone is different, and since we are using a plant rather than an exact measured dose of active ingredient, a little experimentation to see what level of medicatedness is best for each of us as individuals can help us get our own best results from our herb.
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  7. I find that when I get extra stressed.. like a shopping trip to walmart on a Sunday..If I go after smoking, I am pretty relaxed and take notice of how the other people are so stressed.
    It keeps me relaxed and I have never yelled at anyone while high. I have had some pretty bad yelling matches with people in public, that I am not at all proud of. I try to avoid busy places but if I have to go to a store or even a event, I find I can deal much better with it, having smoked.
  8. I was diagnosed by the YBOCS scale for OCD. I was a tenth of a point away from the top of the scale (incredibly OCD). I went on about nine different psychiatric medications for OCD. Suffice it so say, even at VERY high dosages they were unable to bring my symptoms under control.

    I smoked a joint at a party. I noticed my symptoms were dramatically reduced the next day. I smoked again. After a week of smoking 1 joint a day (usually right before bed) my OCD symptoms went completely away.

    If I stop smoking, they come back in about 7-11 days. *(11 if I am out of shape and fat, 7 if I've been in super athletic mode)
  9. It can help with social anxiety, but really, I find that the way it helps is by putting me into a better, more tolerant mood. And through this, my social anxiety shrinks, but honestly, it only crosses my mind when I run out of weed, social anxiety aint no thing when you got a lil erb. A positive attitude helps to, push yourself to expose yourself and try to overcome it, you will become a much stronger and confident individual.
  10. Xia Zhang (Uni of Saskatchewan) found that HU-210 (synthetic cannabinoid that binds to the same receptors as THC at a higher efficiency) can stimulate neurogenesis in the hippocampus. Cannabis could provide a similar effect, which is comparable to many SSRI medication. What you smoked doesn't really match Indica characteristics, as Indicas tend to quash anxiety and keep you quiet, however I may be wrong.

    I have "major depressive disorder", Social anxiety and mild general anxiety disorder (the latter two likely brought on by early childhood ADD and autistic characteristics that made me a very awkward person). Cannabis has helped me tremendously. I am now very comfortable with myself and others. It hasn't been a miracle cure, but it's helped me so much in dealing with stress and anxiety issues.

    Studies show that Cannabidiol (a constituent in many Indica strains, but found in almost all psychoactive cannabis) prevents OCD-like behavior in mice. Some studies in Brazil show that CBD/THC decreases psychotic episodes in schizophorenics and it is generally thought that CBD increases the inhibitory (do not confuse with "inhibitions") effects of THC. Both are neuroprotective agents. In addition, cannabis smells good (a strange thing to say, but bear with me) due to various monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes etc. This my promote a feeling of pleasure as well. I would give a controlled run of cannabis a try. This does not mean smoking 2 blunts a day at random times. Buy some cannabis and smoke a set amount for maybe 4 weeks, a few days a week. You don't have to be too analytical, just observe your behavior and cognitive ability. Buy really good grade cannabis too. If it does indeed help, then there you go. Doesn't science just kick ass?
  11. Sometimes it can make your anxiety worse, but not all the time.
  12. Dude weed helps you with everything. ;)
  13. in fact is does make you anxiety worse..what the other person said you will not realize it at first noticing when you do it it takes away your anxiety...but only for tyhe momenttt, it makes you focus on everything life like it completely opens your the good things AND the bad things. Nowq ppl with ocd are worry people...everyone in life is also tot to focus on there problemsss(fix them) not only for others BUT themselves. Whne you dont have weed you will become paranoid & in fact stressed out like me now. Im stopping because after a week the anxiety gets better than the days before not having weed in my system....its still cumiating in there... tho . I wrote this just to someone elsee..... ; I have really bad ocd.... and anxiety like where I get diarrhea everyday at school, Omg. Lol  :p I find weed definetely makes it worse, its hard to notice because when you first start smoking it you feel good and okay unanxious!!! While its still lasting..the effects of the dont feel anxious either, like I dont at all at school. Its amazing.... but when I dont have weed, I get anxious again but not like before its about 10 times worseee, you dont even realize ittt....until this girl told me about she trying it and doing it for a year but finally stopping realizing it was making her paranoid all teh time. Thats what Its starting to do to me slowly..I kno cuz its been almost a year since I tried it and have been doing it, on weekendsss which makes me able to notice more about it(which is what I was generally planning on doing for that idea:p
    It really does bring out your mindd...and thoughts alot more. when I do it I swear to god and everyone in this a geniusss, I can alalyze people like crazy, its amazing. I just know things. When I was little I use to think I just had majour intuition and was psychic but when I started smoking weeed, somehow I can see my thoughtss... like I feeel emotions ALOT More, I cant stop crying cuz im so happy when I smoke it , or I hilucinate like crazy and see flourescent colors , it effects me alotttt, but I kno its cuz I have an extremely creative mind, always have.  :p but anywayyyys everyone focusses on there problems because we have learnt to get rid of them our whole livesss for others aND ourselves. When you smoke weed, it enhances your focus ON EVERYTHING. When you have OCD you are a worry type person. It may take away your anxiety for a short period of time but when it comes back it will be intense, you will feel very paranoid, alot of things will change in your personality, to you it will seem better because you see yourself as becoming better and making progress focusing more on your problems but in fact you will have just as equal stress in the end if you didnt try weed to cure OCD. People need to find a proper medication suited for them, weed doesnt cure OCD, it temporarely covers it up, also you cannot function on it unless you have been smoking 5 months to more than a year (I still can't AT ALL. Im like a down syndrome baby when im on it, alsoooo it does not in anyway make you able to concentrate better in schll, what ppl need is add or adhd medication ~ mixed with anxiety like me if they have a hard time concentrating. when high, your memory is ruined , becomes short terrrm your dozing offf -most of the time ppl focuz on very stupid things like a the color and pattern on a lamp. The specks on a carpet become fascinating all the sudden. Also very uncoordinated, dirty (dont lie), it makes you careless to alot in life. I havnt wanted to do school work so much & 100% im not lying one bittt, when I say this - I cant at all memorize lessons in school, AT ALL, like I use tooooo. If I stop smoking for two weeks I am able to take in information but if not I swear to god.. Im clueless to alot on the tests, I cried at home because I was trying so hard to take in the information in my grade 12 biology text book but I just couldnt, at all. It was insane and that's weeed, I become stupid for 2 weeks after doing it, I picked up a cerial box shook it to see if it was full and thot 'oh ya its full' then I went to poor it and THERE WAS NOTHING IN IT. I day dream and become sleepy in schll, I feel good but the life around me is failing to succeed because in todays society huge words in science mean alot. You want to have a good job , go to university. If your on weed - lifeee willl be 100 times harder. I actually analyzed myself while doing weed, i found out alot about brings out the true inside you. 
    (Insecurities, Happiness).

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