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Can marijuana cause strokes?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tokinchick, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,
    This may seem like an odd question but wondering if marijuana can cause strokes, aneurysms, things like that because of these articles I read:

    and what about this one:

    I know the last one is about cancer. I've read so many things, like mj does NOT cause cancer then you read it might....

    Is this BS from anti-drug establishments trying to make marijuana look more dangerous than it is or is this valid?

    All this information freaks me out and I need to know what to believe and what is safe
    and what is not.

  2. Baloney. Pseudo-science. Horseshit. Take your pick!

    The study on the brain function, my god, did you see how much they had these people consume? If I smoked 131 joints per week, I'd expect some health problems wouldn't you?

    Thats 18.71 joints per day! Over one joint per hour, while awake! By themselves! That sounds like a typical use pattern, right? A joint every 45 minutes, all day long?

    I would be dead from lack of oxygen, you've got to breathe sometimes!

    And then they said that their finding, is that it causes an increase of blood to the brain, which is like the opposite of a stroke, so what are they saying?

    "My Baloney has a first name, it's o-s-c-a-r...";)
  3. Thanks Al! Yes, I noticed how much the people were smoking. Who in the world smokes 131 joints per week or even wants to?

    11 joints per week is considered light, 44 joints per week is considered moderate and 131 joints per week is considered heavy use.

    How is it possible to smoke 131 joints per week? Or even 44? I thought I was a pretty heavy smoker and the most I would say I ever smoked was like 14 joints a week at the very heaviest point with the average being around 7 joints per week.

    So for someone like me who never goes to even the moderate level the risk would be low and would go away once I stopped smoking?

    I wonder what the risk is for someone who smokes, say, a joint a week or something. I wonder if their blood flow takes a month to return to normal or if there is basically zero risk for such light use.

    I wish more studies would be done which focus on average smokers not people who smoke 131 joints a week!
  4. i can tell you first hand from somebody who had a stroke, me. wen i was 9! n ive been smokin since i was 14 so im pretty shure that i have higher risk for stroke than others n ive been smokin since i was 14. n no problems here
  5. How old are you now ChronicSmoke 420? I started when I was 14, I am 30 now and I have never had any kind of problems of any kind.
  6. Casual use ( a bowl or two a day) is harmless, especially when baked, bonged, or vaped.
  7. No, it can't cause strokes. Maybe you're thinking seizures. If a person is epileptic to begin with smokes anything (tobacco, weed, whatever), it causes their blood pressure to fluctuate. If a person has epilepsy or any other health problem that makes them prone to seizures, there is the small possibility that it will give them the exact blood pressure level to induce one.
  8. I mean a stroke is going a bit far, but weed most likely can increase the risk in heart attack in some people. I have a large handful of friends who get chest pains when they spark up sometimes, and have experienced them myself. I think it's just a matter of what condition your body is in, if you're already in shitty shape or have a heart problem weed increases the chances of an attack for an hour or so.

    You really can't tell at the moment, the research is so mired in shit you can't tell whats real from the propaganda =/
  9. there really arent many studies to look into...all studies are pretty much made to look bad, considering at most i would smoke like an oz a week in blunts and it would be 1 gram blunts to thats 4 blunts a day at most

    all i know is from what ive read thc actually stops the spread of cancer, or "slows it down". also while smoking your heart rate goes faster but it does when you smoke a cigarette also, so linking anythign to mj smoking is really hard. and they say the ammount of tar in mj is more but it doesnt cause cancer, it doesnt build up, and you dont smoke a pack of joints a day like most cigarette abusers

    i have been smoking for a few years, ive had a heart murmur since i was like 12, i have had no poblems with my smoking, other than occasional chest pains but honestly its not like real chest pains and its only cause your heart is just beating faster, which in trun actually strenghtens the heart cuz it gets ore of a load on it while high which basicaly is like working out your heart if there was a way
  10. Anything you find, isn't really for sure true.

    Honestly, if anyone says smoking weed, or consuming weed is completely harmless, that in itself is a false statement.

    Second, smoking anything is bad for your health.

    Third, saying it doesn't, or it does sounds pretty whack with all this "scientific research". Its not proven fact that it is or isn't harmless. its all speculation.
  11. Don't forget about Irv Rosenfeld (one of the federal medical marijuana users) smokes 11oz every 25days and says he feels no ill effect
  12. They seem to be linking the change of blood flow to memory loss. Cannabis does not cause memory loss, but a disruption of circuitry in the hippocampus while under the influence. The hippocampus is covered in CB1 receptors, so overactivation of these receptors in the hippocampus interferes with normal neurotransmitter activity, but like I said it is only while under the influence of cannabis. It has nothing to do with blood flow.
  13. You guys are so awesome...thanks for all the great responses. There are some extremely intelligent and sensible people on this forum.

    I am such a hypochondriac and I suffer from an anxiety any time I read a scary medical study it freaks me out. Especially when it has to do with something like this that I enjoy so much that has been so good to me for the past 15 years.

    I feel a lot better now...I have come to the conclusion that indulging in moderation (which is apparently less than 11 joints per week to be considered a light user by medical professionals) is not going to harm me.
  14. Can I add one more thing?

    Your brain has receptors that ONLY bind to molecules found in marijuana. Getting high on pot is actually a natural bodily function supported by our physiology. Getting drunk or high on a lot of other drugs is just a side effect from the chemicals in them.
  15. do u have a link to this article?
  16. umm thats actually about how much i smoke

    no stroke yet. ill let ya know when it happens.
  17. Third, saying it doesn't, or it does sounds pretty whack with all this "scientific research". Its not proven fact that it is or isn't harmless. its all speculation.

    Dude... no. Through scientific research, we gain numerous pieces of evidence with which we form SCIENTIFIC theories. Not normal, ordinary theories, SCIENTIFIC theories. Theories that are, according to the numerous pieces of evidence, more than likely right, as they've been pretty much proven.
  18. a theory is a conclusion backed up by many many trials a theory is a theory because you cant prove somthings correct only that somthing is not correct for example the theory of gravity
  19. What a BS idea. With so many users of MJ, wouldnt you think that strokes would be noticed? I would be more worried about over the counter drugs.

  20. There has never been a confirmed case of anybody dying from MJ use.

    That said, MJ isn't 100% safe, it is dangerous if you abuse it.

    The worst thing that can happen to you, as far as side effects, that is both medically proven and independently verified (by myself) is that you can get bronchitis/pneumonia from it.

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