Can low humidity cause issues?

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  1. I live in a VERY dry state. humidity avg in my tent is like 10-15rh. Can this lead to any issues or issues with plant development?

    I mean I am about 8 grows in and no issues but wondering if bud development would be better if the rh was higher.
  2. Yes, high humidity 55-80%rh for seedlings is very important. I keep my seedlings for the first two weeks at high humidity, around 55-60% (I have a very dry tent since so much air gets sucked out, I spray almost every four hours if I can, it keep humidity there).

    High humidity for anything past the seedling stage (again first 1 1/2-2 weeks) is not needed. I don't water till 4+ days once my seed pop from the soil, so when they are ready to be water I do only a smaller amount. Once I start watering full time, I stop spraying my plants completely.

    For flower you can spray the first 3-4 weeks, I use Dutch Masters till the 4th week of flower or so, then I stop foliar feeding and only water. Don't want to risk your chances of is noooo fun!!

    Hope that helps!
  3. So do you spray your plants with what I assume is liquid light and saturtor up till week 4 of 12/12 than you spray the plants with water till harvest?

    No issues with mold seeing how there is a low rh?

  4. Sorry I am high, and probably did not explain that as well I as could have :bongin:

    This is a rough idea of my foliar feeding throughout my grow...


    First week-2nd weed (seedling stage) Light Schedule 20 hours on 4 hours off
    I put 550 ml of regular non ph'd water (tap water) in a spray bottle and I spray my soil down enough so some water drips down to my germ'd seed I just planted, I continue to spray when the seedling pops through the soil just water nothing else, I like to spray all around my soil so it keeps my tents humidity up. My 250w hps dries it up fast, so if you use cfl's then you may not need to spray as much.

    2nd week-5th or 6th week (Veg period) 20/4
    Once I feel my plants are ready to be watered fully, I stop spraying. This is when veg starts, and most the time my plants are fine with a drier climate. Maybe every four days I spray some regular non ph's water (again just tap water) over the leaves for the last of the 2nd week. By the third week I'm using my liquid light/penetrator (is the new name I think, idk they change that shiz all the time) like you said, I really like it, but it is strong. So once I seed my more branches, about three nodes or so, I can lightly spray Dutch Masters (very important to read the mixture ratio on the back if you buy it, some people have burned their entire crop from the stuff, I have NEVER done this...cause I mixed it right, only thing I can think of)

    First week -4th sometimes 6th week if it's a long flowering sativa (Flowering) 12/12
    I spray with dutch masters..again same mixture ration, spray generously over the plants now. Not worried about burn, they LOVE the stuff and soak it up. I have stopped using water by now.
  5. Ok cool. I spray my plants with liquid light and saturator tues. thurs and saturday. Your right, they love it. Wondering if on those off days I should spray with just plain non ph'd water.
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    If you're feeding them nutes, and water your girls with just plain water after each feeding, then it's really up to you. I stop spraying them (with water not dutch masters), when my soils wet I don't fret so much, when it's dry I just water again.

    To me foliar feeding just becomes a hassle after the 5 weeks of veg (not including the two weeks for the seedlings to start), so I prefer to keep spraying to a minimum..I like to focus on aerating my water. I make my nute water the day or so before and aerate it with a aquarium air bubbler...oraganics does this for the 'teas' a lot. So basically, I prefer focusing on other's up to you, if you have the time and wanna spray additional then go ahead :wave:
  7. Cool bro thanks for all the info!
  8. Glad I could help :wave:

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