Can Lava Get You High?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Typewritermonky, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. No Google, it can't. It can only kill you painfully.


    I don't know why I found this so damn funny.
  2. ..............I'm going to bed.
  3. so wait... lava gets u high please explain :rolleyes:
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    he meant than when he googled the phrase "can kava get you high" google asked him if he meant to say "can lava get you high"
    not the best idea for a thread, but somewhat funny i guess.
    and to answer your question typewritermonky, yes, kava can get you high.
  5. That made this thread.
  6. no no on too much kava:D:wave:
  7. Lava fucks you up.
  8. Lava makes you feel like you're melting.
  9. lava will put you on your ass!
  10. Lava is fire.
  11. Lava will get you high
    but it will burn the hell out of your lungs
  12. Wow, weed is a powerful drug.
  13. Ha, I laughed at the "No google, it cant. It can only kill you painfully"
    I lke this thread.
    Lava is fun.

  14. So is recreational lava use.
  15. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh.........
  16. Whatever you do, don't snort that shit. I still can't smell anything.
  17. I finally found a connect today! gettin some lava tomorrow!
  18. I think this thread is in the wrong place..

    it definitely belongs on under the "Real Life Lava Stories" section.


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