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Can indica be used for recreational use?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jvsdiojisio, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Both can be used..this is kind of a dumb ass why wouldn't you be able to smoke it I'm confused
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    Pot is illegal most places but you could use either, sativas are nicer imo if you are trying to be productive or if you got stuff todo.
  3. uhh yea.

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  5. The title of the thread is different from the poll Q lol, but yes, both can and are used for recreational annd medicinal use, depends on you need to be productive or you wanna just chill on the couch. I myself (recreational use only) prefer sativa.
  6. What's better for the social alcoholic? Pilsner or lager? That is how obsurd this question is....
  7. Yea of course lol
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    Yes and no. If you want to chill watch a movie and EAT, indica. If you want to be running around the neighborhood and partying, Go with sativa.
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    According to state laws in washigton or calorado you can ,but in general regardless of laws technically Indica and sativa can both be used "recreationally". Now if your asking what I prefer to use recreationally I'd have to say I enjoy more of a sativa high because I like to talk peoples heads off about the "new world order" and what not and go "adventuring" in the woods.
  10. ive only smoked indica for a while now. and i do just fine.
  11. i love weed
    indica, sativa, hybrid, popular strains, no names, good, great, decent, long as its not trash bring it on
  12. Can toilet paper be used to wipe your ass? And nose?

    See what I did there....I used it for two things.

    And I noticed I wasn't the only one who didn't simply reply yes or no.
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    Of course it can...what a strange question. It's not like you CAN'T smoke indica. 
    I prefer indica over sativa when watching movies. Sativa I'll start talking, or get on the computer, and not watch the movie. 
  14. I was thinking the same thing.
  15. Both. Not voting because the options don't include both.
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    No sorry it wont work.. Feel free to start another stupid thread though
  17. Weed is weed when it comes to recreational use (down here in Alabama where strain names mean jack shit)
  18. Well, in my area, i usually only get indica for some reason.

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