can I...

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  1. just grow some weed off of bag seeds in just some plain potting soil, with little to no extra chemicals involved?

    and if so, how?

    and also,

    any suggestions on guides or how I should start, or what I should expect as results or total grow time until harvest?
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  3. You can for sure do that. If youre doing it indoors, youll need organic soil ONLY, and some nutrients. You could just get an all purpose food and go light on the nutes the whole grow so you dont have to keep much track of it.

    If you can do it outside, buy a bag of perlite vermiculite and mix both in with soil in the ground. About 50% soil and 25% for each perlite and vermiculite. Just water them.

    If you start now outside, you can harvest by octoberish. You can keep the plant stout and if you treat it well with watering then you will get a pretty hefty harvest.

  4. Yes, all the masses of threads already here that are aimed at helping noobs grow - use the Search facility. Good luck.
  5. thank you all very much.

    any suggestions on keeping it short, while still having a decent amount of buds on there?
  6. Search for LST aka Low Stress Training.
  7. And read read read... Don't just grow a plant... Know a plant = )
  8. ahh. I was looking at the sticky to lst. I thought that seemed like a good idea for my grow.

    ha. I have spent so much time reading up. I already have my seeds germinating. I think I am going to journal this grow.

    Also, will the plants survive outdoors until october in minnesota?

    hope this is readable. I am totally ripped.
  9. It is MUCH too late in the year to begin an outdoor grow - you will get zip, sorry to say.

    MJ is an ANNUAL plant that sprouts in the spring and dies back in autumn.
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    I agree... Most strains finish in late October. There's not enough time left to properly veg outdoors.

    If you want to do a simple grow indoors with no hassles use MiracleGrow Potting Soil with time released fertilizer.

    I know it's coming... look for my grow journal before you knock it.

    A good place to learn how to fill and water a pot is right here in this inexpensive book:

    Great, illustrated grow journal with lots of pics. I'm not using CFLs but I am using his soil and watering techniques. He even made cloning a simple task.

    I spent months researching before I started growing and have probably read every guide on the web and several books. I always come back to this one because it is so simple and easy to follow.
  11. alright. I am planting my seeds tomorrow once I get back from work. Should I just make a grow journal out of this thread or make a new thread.. I can't decide.
  12. Why come on here asking for advice then ignoring what you are told by experienced growers?? OK, plant your seeds tomorrow, it´s your decision, but you will get zero outdoors.

  13. What he means to say is dude, october is damn near here, if you start now, they veg for not too long... but long enough I think!... can you start them inside?
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    You mean start them inside now then put them out for the winter? They will veg for no time at all, he will get zero.

    Or start them inside in February then put them out as soon as the frost is gone? Yes, a very good crop in Oct 2009.
  15. don't worry. I have them started indoors. I think I will veg them outside, and bring them inside a week or two before flowering. I will use LST to keep the neighbors calm (I have a huge garden that I keep full of flowers, bushes, fruits and vegetables and I doubt that they will think anything of me planting something new and then uprooting it during late autumn). I will try to make them flower quickly indoors, but I have some roomies who would def. mind if I even had a single bud in the house (they are back home for the summer now, so I have nothing to worry about now.. just later), so I think I might make a home ahead of time in a well ventilated storage bin that I can put in the basement.

    The question is, what are the chances of me getting busted with the temps of my grow much higher than the rest of the house (we have to keep the house cool during the winter to save money.. we're broke college students).

    Also, what kind of temps and lighting would I need?
  16. Bro, these questions are answered in just about every grow guide out there. You have to start reading.


  17. sorry, obviously the second question can be answered fairly easily with a grow guide (i was ripped).

    but, does the fact that my house is cold during the winter really increase my chances of being busted?

  18. I think thats the best way for a first timer to learn, read the stickies do the research then apply what you've learned. Love your plant and don't expect a pound of your first harvest.

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