Can i water with pond water?

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  1. Can I use pond water? I have a small pond in my backyard and it has a filter which keeps the water flowing. It also has three types of fish Koi,Goldfish, and Flatheads. The sides and bottom of the pond have a layer of moss on them. So can I use this for my plants?
  2. should be fine, just check the ph
  3. I've heard clean water works best, But i'm not too sure about pond water I know you can use natural water such as rivers and such, it would probably work but if you're close to your house i'm sure tap or hose water might be better (if you have decent well water or city water)
  4. Since it has fish in it it should be ok, fresh water would be better.
  5. If theres fish and its unsalty yes. Test it on tomatoes to be sure
  6. I'm in the same boat as you so I'm looking for a good answer.

    Creek and rain water are my most natural options .. then I go to tap or distilled.

    I assume a creek is better since it's salt free and the water is always moving and refreshing itself.
  7. if you collect rain water, you can use it for several months (leave in shade if possible) for 6 months or more.
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    SP, Definitely use the pond water as long as you know its not polluted. The Beneficial microbes and minerals in the water are far superior to tap or filtered. Creek water is also in this category. I use Creek. I know a guy (on here) that uses pond water with great results he swears by it. If you wanted to take it one step further you could figure out what type of algae etc you have in your pond to see what benefits they could provide your plants.

    And remember, when using tap water always allow time for it to sit and the chlorine to dissipate. 24-48 hours is my usual protocol. Chlorine will kill microbes and we would not want that.

  9. ^^This. If theres Koi in there then your source is clean. Plus plants really seem to love natural water sources with some life in them, it really helps them stay green and fill out IMO. Good luck on your grow.
  10. Thanks for the help guys :)
  11. I have like 3-4 koi in my pond, but it's a pretty large pond. It's green, and the water is really murky with a green tint from algae on the bottom.

    There's also like 2-3 bags in there (like shopping bags from grocery store)


    I also have one of those huge container/pot things which collects rain water from the gutter.

    Which one?
  12. Rain water just beacause it's deffinatly fresher, but if you scoop asside some of that algea the water from your pond should be alright. As someone mentioned before it's loaded with beneficial bacteria. On the other hand if you use the pond water I would let you soil dry quite a bit before the next watering, I wouldnt let that algae start growing in your soil.
  13. sometimes koi ponds have salt added to them. also beware of toxic algae, some can kill mammals while not harming fish
  14. ^This, that's what I meant by watching out for that algae. But unless you remember putting salt in your pond I think you should be alright to that extent.

    Edit: I do recall talking to my dad's friend and he was saying how a nearby strip mine was dragging hard minerals into his Koi pond. Keep that in mind as well if you live in a rocky area with any quarries or mines nearby.
  15. I use pond water for my site and have had zero problems. There are fish, snakes and even beavers in this pond and it is a healthy ecosystem. I like to work the moss and water plants into my soil too. I figure it certainly wont hurt plus I'm probably getting some trace elements.

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