Can I veg with HPS?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by rhapsodyrcks, May 3, 2011.

  1. I am am 33 days in veging 4 White Widows. I have a 36x36x64 grow tent with a 400w HPS Air Cooled Tube with ducting and a inline fan running to cool the tube itself. I ordered a MH Conversion bulb and waiting on that. I fired the baby up since I just finished installing it and was wondering can I veg with that untill my bulb gets in?

    My plants are about 8inchs tall right now I had been using a combo of CFL and LED Panel but moved that as I have some up and coming Afghan Kush Ryder Auto Flowers and going to use that on them.

    Another question for HPS is how high do I have to have it. Right now I have it 27 inches above my plants and temperature at plant level reads 80 degrees. I can not raise it but about 7 more inches.

    I also have another inline fan coming in so I can pump the surrounding air out..which should cool it further. Once I do that should I lower the light until its as close as I can get it?

    Thanks people.

    My HPS:

  2. Keep it there for a couple of days till the plants adjust. Hps is fine for veg imo it makes a more short stout plant. I wouldn't lower it any closer than 1ft but 18" is about perfect. I'm a sog guy though.
  3. Thanks dude! Apperciate the input. The ones under my HPS light now are my first grow was not quite sure. My bathroom looks like Ceti Alpha 5 now.

    Another it ok to have my grow tent only part way zipped up. I only have the Light Heat Exhaust set up waiting on my other fan to come in to suck ambient air in the tent out. I have a fan on the ground though pointed at the tube. With it half way zipped up I am getting a stable 78-80 degrees.
  4. Yeah that'll be cool. Get a charcoal filter for your other fan if smell is an issue. Basically get one if you don't want your whole house to well smell like ya grow the digigty. Temps should be right around 75-80.
  5. Actually along with my fan I ordered a filter. I also made the DIY Ona bucket odor thing to off this site. This stuff is addictive. One month ago I had nothing now my bathroom looks like a mad scientist is at work meters for PH Balance, Moisture, temp, ph balancers, ferts, tubing etc. Its great lol.
  6. Sweet another one sucked into the vortex
  7. I'd just put that light as close as you can while still achieving acceptable light spread. My 1000 watt HPS is currently 15" from hood glass to canopy, and 17" from actual bulb to canopy.

  8. lol. i def have been and trying to do everything right to. great site great people thanks alot!
  9. I veg under HPS all the time, plants react a little differently but no big deal.

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