Can I use tin foil in a grow room?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by savemeabite138, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. I'll start off by saying that I've heard tin foil will heat up and burn plants but I'm wondering if I can use it to light proof my set up. I'm using a couple 300w led lights that do not get hot or even the slightest bit warm so I'm wondering if I can get away with using tin foil as a reflector.

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  2. Foil makes a decent reflector if you wrinkle it up first, and then flatten it back out...that scatters the light to prevent
    'hot - spot' reflections...Those are what can burn leaves in certain spots. But with your leds...shouldn't be anything to worry about...
  3. Sweet thanks. So just crumple it up and hang it up?

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  4. Tape it to cardboard pieces and position those where you want them to aim correctly ...Takes a little 'Southern Engineering'...LOL
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  5. You would be better off just getting a roll of Mylar. Aluminum foil isn't that reflective only about 55-60%.
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  6. You'd be surprised how cheap you can find mylar some stores have those car window reflectors for literally $5 get a few of those and make em work.
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