can i use this?

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  2. the color temp is OK but for flowering maybe get the 2700k one - but really I dont know much about small grows I only work with 600-1000 w hid lighting and some T5 and LED for clones - but when I put it into veg its under a 1000W mh and flower a 1000W hps, the MH is 10,000K and the HPS is 3000K in color so I assume if you can get those color spectrum you should be ok

    but these work great I have used them before for clones only and I have put them into flower to see if it did anything but under a 1000W its not that noticeable without getting like 10 of them - not cheep but my local grow store has some and they have ahd 3 of them running 24/7 for almost 2 years and they still work so they last a while

    if you are doing this in a computer case pc grow box? thats what I assume, you can cut a hole in the top of the case and only have the lens inside the rest out on top of the case to let the heat out

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