Can I Use This To Start My Compost Pile?

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  1. So I want to go organic... :)

    I've spent a few hours touring my yard and here's what I found...

    -I had horses. The exercise pen was clay when it was built and now is basicly an inch of "soil" on top of the clay base.

    - intact horse droppings. All horses have been gone a minimum 6 months.

    - wet, black leaves from my apple trees.

    - dry birch an poplar leaves.

    - 20 year old birch logs.

    - some kitchen scraps

    I've been puttinng it all into a 60 gallon plastic drum as I gather it. Now what? Are any/all of these things any good? I have way more of all this stuff that I can keep collecting... do I just put it in a pile and wait? Do I cover it at all? Do I add something to get it going? How much "fresh" material do I need?

    Thanks for the help, all... :)
  2. Also, should I add straw to this at all?

    Heya MG,
    I could get into proper compost techniques in great depth, but all I would be doing is regurgitating what I have learned along the way. Instead what I would prefer to do is give you a couple links that would give you a proper understanding. 
    Compost suggestions. - Forums

    Have a great day. :wave:
  4. I would stray from wood based compost and anything with clay. There is a thread on here that has great into on your available ingredients. The thread us titled "list of soil amendments and their properties"
  5. Why clay hate?

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  6. just personal preference.
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    Lol I've got nothing BUT clay around here... :s
  8. Was just reading the compost guide SD posted in the lounge and found this nugget, thought it fit here.

    "Clay is capable of attracting and temporarily holding on to ammonia until it is nitrified by microorganisms. Most soils contain significant amounts of clay."

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    Not this guys'!

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