Can i use this light?

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  1. I found this light laying around my house.....can it be used for MJ??? if so what kind do u think this is?

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  2. It's definately a HID bulb, but they make those types in both HPS and MH. Have you tried it out yet? If it's bright white, it's a MH, if it's a soft yellow it's a HPS. I'd say it's in the 75-150w range; perfect for growing a plant or two.
  3. The bulb that was in there was blown....I have MH bulb at home....should I be able 2 plug both MH & HPS bulbs in this fixture?
  4. It depends on what type of ballast you have. If it's a conversion ballast that runs both MH and HPS then yes, it has to be the right wattage though. I don't think reflectors run on 'certain' wattages, but their sockets might.
  5. the sockets run on certain wattages.
    you can go lower, but never higher without running the risk of a fire.

    please take everything apart and search it for any kind of information as to ballast type, wattage, etc. before plugging in any sort of light or current.

    last thing i want to see is some fellow herbalist burn their house down because of an easily preventable mistake.

    -happy growing.
  6. Fo sho. Find the manufacturer's website and enter in the serial number, then you will know exactly what's up. Also, with an internal ballast, that thing is probably going to get hot, so be sure to rig up some ventilation. Or you could separate the ballast, thusly:$50-hps-guide.html

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