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Can I use this hemp twine like hemp wick?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Just Smoke It, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. If you can't see the attachment it just says 100% organic hemp and its only 4.99 for 242ft

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  2. I think it would burn to fast, the wick has bees wax in it just for that purpose. Not entirly sure, any second opinions??
  3. You can use it like hemp wick and if it burns to fast you can use it to make your own hemp wick
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    Hempwick is coated in bees wax so it burns slower. That 100% natural stuff looks pretty dry, so it might go up really fast. Only one way to find out.

    IMO, if you want hempwick just buy hempwick. Its super cheap and they usually include some free samples, so you get even more than you paid for.

    You can buy the thick hempwick and split it so you get 400ft of thin. :)
  5. what you have is half of a hemp wick...youd need an organic bees wax to coat the hemp twine to make a wick. youd be better off buyin a roll of wick to save time and effort. its really cheap...
  6. I like the humboldt hempwick. seems to be the best deal I can find and they give free samples
  7. Just get some bees wax (unexpensive) and coat it yourself. 
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    Necro thread, but since it's been bumped...... :)
    Store bought craft hemp is NOT meant for smoking or consumption! So no, it's not the same stuff they use in the real hemp wick you can get online and in dispensaries and at at head shops.
    Here's a past post on GOOD hemp wick, including why you shouldn't use anything besides items intended for smoking, INCLUDING the wrong 'hemp' products. :eek:


    (OP - Question asked about craft hemp & candle wicks....)

    " It is not the treated hemp rope/twine you can get at Wal-Mart... if it's  real hemp wick from a reputable vendor, the hemp itself is not only generally organic, but at the very least it's been processed with consumption in mind (similar to cannabis & hemp seeds meant for eating and smoking), meaning that during processing it has not  been bleached, cleansed or stripped with hazardous chemicals, or contaminated with metals, including lead.
     To maintain a clean flame proper hemp wick has been dipped specifically in organic beeswax because, unlike other waxes and most lighters, it's cleaner burning, leaves behind fewer byproducts of pyrolysis, and whether (but especially when) it's burned, or not, it's much healthier for human contact than most other waxes and petroleum byproducts.

    The junk hemp twine found at craft stores (including regular candle wicks) and  Wal-Mart has not been kept or transported with food grade ingredients, and where was never intended for inhalation, consumption, or considered a food grade  product in and of itself, that means the company often  isn't  necessarily even obligated to share its processing techniques or the  chemicals  they use, even if you ask.
    The majority comes from China, and other areas overseas, which adds another layer of difficulty when it  comes to  getting a straight answer.

    Fortunately, the folks at Beeline will send you a free sample or two   (original and thick-wick)... you just have to email and ask. <span>[​IMG]</span>
    The materials used to make hemp wick make such a huge   difference in quality, that beeline will accept returns if you've   bought from another company, and replace them with their own!

    Using the wrong material to make a batch of hemp wick, can make using the crappiest lighter taste practically like a vaporizer <span>[​IMG]</span> It's a mistake that even some of the little organizations selling the stuff 'professionally' can make from time to time. <span>[​IMG]</span>

    I get the thick-wick... $17 - $18 for a 200 ft spool, but if you split  it down the middle as you use it, that's double the wick for the same  price, 400 feet total. <span>[​IMG]</span>


    And split, up close.. if it's breezy outside, I'll just use it as-is. Dual purpose. <span>[​IMG]</span>


    Making your own is an option as well, if you're a grower, or if you save your stems... when we have the time and patience ( <span>[​IMG]</span>   ) we water wash our own home grown organic stalks and stems in   distilled water to flush away any potential salts, scrape, strip and   mash mostly the outer layers, then hand-roll the dry mash back together   with local, organic beeswax. <span>[​IMG]</span>
     During the Cannabis Summit back in April, I started sending out bee line wick packs myself as prizes and gifts for the people who visit my youtube and my twitter! :yay:
     considering how easy it is to get a few sample packs, and how cheap the stuff is to buy, you may as well just get the real deal... otherwise, to be honest, you may be better off sticking with a lighter :eek:



    Good luck, and have fun!  :wave: :)

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