can i use potting soil with fertilizers to grow weed or will it kill it

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by chronicsticky, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. if its miracle grow every1 here will probly say no. im a first time grower. i bought some cactus and palms soil. and added bone and blood meal. there are some better soil mixes you can use for growing. like fox farms im sure there is others
  2. yeah its miracle grow but its already mixed in the soil and i want to know if its ok if i go straight from germinated stage to a cup of this
  3. grab some organic soil with no nutrients. Miracle grow has time release fertilizers in them so it could kill/stunt/slow growth
  4. Its not a good idea. Miracle grow has little capsules of fertilizers that burst and don't feed the plant evenly. You will probably get nute burn and not be too happy with the overall results.
  5. Ive heard its possible to grow with miracle grow, but i feel like it will be difficult. You'd need to have a decent understanding of nutrients and the way it affects the plant.

    The seedling isnt meant to get any nutrients for the 1st 2 weeks i think (approx), so the soil might be a little hot for suck a youngster.
  6. gotcha thanks all
  7. I'm starting to believe the most on this site work for fox farm or anyone other than miracle gro, by the way everyone bashes MG like its not ideal for any grow situation. I've had many grows with miracle gro without any issues, no nute burn. I don't use anything else but miracle gro even the one with the capsules. Some on this site must be bias or don't know what they are doing, or are bandwagon soil users, using other peoples experiences as their own....Miracle gro is the stuff

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