Can I use it as fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by awd, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, i had the idea to use a small peace of bacon as fertilizer whould this work or is it harmful for my plant ?
    Is there any homemade fertilizer that i could use?:confused:
  2. what? lol, i aint ever heard of bacon being used as fert! heheh, id be interested ta find out more tho!;)
  3. i heard some stories about a dead rat and i thought to put something more pure and clean meat :D:D:D!!!

    do you know at what temperatures weed is freezing out???
    in my place the temperature sometimes reach 2C for example now we have 12 C what do you think??
  4. heheh, listen mate, i wouldnt be puttin any kind of dead meat on my plants! bone meal and blood meal are the only things ive heard of remotely akin, but hey im a 1st time grower, but long time researcher!

    that is VERY cold for mj, you dont really want it gettin below 55 degrees fahrenheit, dunno wat that is in celsius, but below 55 and it will stunt the growth considerably, any lower and it may not survive... you may find a more hardy strain than others, but that temp is way too low imo. ;)
  5. Get some local bagseed. Usually those seeds come from plants grown around the area you live at so they should (by theory) have a better chance of surviving the cold.

    As for bacon... I've never heard of it being used as fertiliser, the rotting would attract unwanted pests I would think.

  6. sure a dead rat will work:confused:.... the native americans use to put fish heads in there gardens to furtolize the plants.... ive herd of ppl doing this on this site.. but it attracts anamils to your site. and anything close to freezing is not acceptable weather gor growin
  7. lol, did ya get the neg rep for this post mate? :D;)
  8. Guys thank you all i removed the bacon :hello: and now its again clean :)
  9. WTF? composted kitchen scraps and yard waste would be good home-made fertilizer.

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