Can i use farm crop fertalizer on my plants? (46-0-0)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by motoxer, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. hey guys, i have my first ever outdoor grow locked in and im a little lost on some certain things, like for example what kinds of fertalizers and soil to use. i had the idea the other day that for the veg cycle i can use farm crop fertalizer, would this work? the nutritional value is 46-0-0 so it most nitrogen 46% to be exact according to the bag. and i can get the shit for free so it perfect. my water system is gonna be 2 55 gallon drums on the back of my pickup so could i disolve a couple cup fulls of this into the water? what should i use for the flower cycle tho that is relativly cheap?
  2. chicken shit is complete
    horse manure

    both easy and cheap and organic (= better taste and bud burning). Lawn ferts are too strong, have salt residues (bad taste, extra chems, bad burn, can't be flushed etc...)no one grows mj with them bro (they're slow release chems so will stay in your final product).
  3. Alright, well I can get cow shit, would that work? And how should I do it, like mix in shit with dirt or what?
  4. My advice would be, buy some pro mix and perlite (like 12$ for pro mix and 3 for perlite) if you want add earth worm castings and maybe guano I personally just use pro mix and perlite works great for me 20% perlite rest pro mix.
  5. what is pro mix, just potting soil?
  6. promix is peat - lime- miccorhyze - perlite = a soilless mix but not food. Add 20% extra perlite to that if you use it.

    look at the thread "soil mix" in the Mj outdoor section, it'll give you a cheap recipe to make your own organic soil mix. Also the links under my sig. Also the stickies. Have a good read.

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