Can I Use Either Of These Cfl Bulbs?

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  1. Hi, could someone please take a look at the attached pictures and tell me;
    Can I use either of them to grow?
    Which of the two bulbs is better?
    If you live in the U.K and grow could you suggest any other bulbs for indoors that won't cost me a fortune?


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  2. This might be clearer
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  4. Are these daylight bulbs (6500K) or soft white bulbs(2700K). It makes a difference in the two stages of growth. 23 watt Cfl's are okay for early growth, but at some point you need more wattage.
  5. could you elaborate and explain abit more please about what you said mate?

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     He means that you need different colour temps (kalvin) for growing 6500K for vegative growth (the first stage) and 2700k for flowering (the last and smells stage) I would stay away from supermarkets mate as I have found no really usefull info on the packs here in the uk. Check out ebay or hydro shops. Also consider HId's if you can accommodate them. Just like CFL's there are different colour temps and different spectrum's. 
  7. If it doesn't say on the box you could buy one and plug it into a lamp. A 6500K bulb is going to be a very bright, white, almost bluish light. The 2700K bulb is going to be much softer light with a red or orange hue. What is really important is lumens, which is the measure of light intensity. That is listed your box. The higher the lumens the better. Google grow light Cfl's and you will see a whole range of bulbs.
    Good luck
  8. Theses are the style of bulbs I'm using and getting very slow growth. Look on ebay for this

    125w green lamps cfl

    That's what I'm getting and does both light spectrums and only around £20 and if you only doing 1 plant you would really need anything else

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!

  9. Sorry wouldn't need anything else

    if we all had a smoke we wouldn't need war!!


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