Can I Use Bubble Hash For An E-Cigarette?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Johnny Cash, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hey everybody,
    I recently bought an e-cigarette and have been vaping awesome tasting juices but I would also like to vape some hash with it. Regular middle-eastern/asian style bubble hash is in great abundance here, and oil melts and such are expensive (20 euros a gram). I understand I won't be able to just dissolve bubble hash into my e-juices. So what I'm asking is this: how do I go about using bubble hash in my e-cig? Preferably I would mix it in with my e-juices so I can still have a nice fruity flavor. I imagine I would have to make a tincture but I've never done this before.

  2. Oh that looks nice. 35 dollars though and I'm not sure if I can buy it in the Netherlands. I'll ask around on the Dutch e-cig forum for that thing. Still I would also like to mix tincture with e-juices. Is this possible with bubble hash?
    Yup! I've been doing this with e-cigs, since before they were widely available to the public for nicotine uses :p
     None of my 'Table of Contents' links are working since the update, and the photos are all still down as well, but I've walked a few folks through it over the years, so if you run a search for "E-cig How To with Canna" you should find the thread with loads of discussion and recipe help for homemade e-liquids/juices made with hash and concentrates, and over the next few days as they continue getting the bugs worked out on the forum, it should become a little more visual and useful. :)
  4. I think you can dissolve the hash in vegetable glycerin, not positive though.
  5. E jiuces sound like saliva that got drooled into a spitoon lol.
    I've seen that thread. Very good effort and very useful. I think they removed the rep system so here's a like for you. :)
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    Well they certainly don't taste like it. :yummy:

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