Can i use azamax during day 41 of flower?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dal123014, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Was gonna let them go 54 days but I have never sprayed a flowering plant always 2 nervous!
  2. Mighty Wash you's 99% water,and I hear it wroks well.
  3. What is the problem? Spider mites? Mold?
  4. [ame=]Mighty Wash tired of neem this product is now tested and varified! - YouTube[/ame]

    For any doubts this guy has tested the product.He has been a medical grower advocate in canada for years.
  5. Those plants arent even in flower. I have used the wash on plants in veg. I'm just worried about spraying the plants and getting mold. And I thought I had the mites beat!!! Funk fuck fuck!!!
  6. Sorry to hear you have the Borg! I am battling them with azamax right now. It's working well in combo with zero tolerance and soap water. I don't think its safe to spray them this late. Throw em in the shower and try to wash all of them off and harvest soon.... Good luck to you man...
  7. How soon are you talkin?
  8. how bad is the infestation? if you can wash most of them off you could probably get them to finish. but if it is bad if I just see them coming back even worse. the health of the plants will decline daily because of the mites and they might actually be worse next week . but it all depends on how bad they are?
  9. How bad will spraying them with water hurt the buds?
  10. it won't really be hurting them. you may lose a couple trichs but I would rather do that than have mites kill my crop.. but you should put them in front of a fan right after you are done so they dry well.
  11. Ok I'm gonna give it a shot thanks
  12. Cool man. Good luck on your harvest and let us know how it went ....just make sure to dry them good so you don't get any mold or budrot...
  13. 4 sure bro I'll post pics

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