Can I use a trash bag as a pot?

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  1. So basically I dont have big enough pots around my house for my ganga plants. They keep just out growing their containers.
    Can i cut holes in the bottom of a grocery bag an fill it with soil and use that?? Or even a trash bag. Idk how big I wanna go yet lmao.
    My plant went from a solo cup to this one pot and its out growing it already. I dont wanna transfer that much so I think im gonna just fill a bag with dirt.

    Any ideas? Is this fine?
  2. Maybe if ur gonna go that way. Have u seen ppl using jeans as pots they great fabric pots jus another idea for u. As for hanging um would be best as u can get more room for roots. [​IMG]

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  3. I dont even have $5 to my name rn.
    I had to ask upon favor just to get these nutes. Im in between jobs rn, but I already invested a lot of money bc I had a job when I started the project.
  4. You can use a trash bag. Roots organic sells a soil that comes in a bag they advertise as using as the container.

    Will this be indoor or outdoor. Use heavy bags or double up...maybe both. If it's indoors poke holes and have something under to catch water. Outdoors just poke holes. Simple cheap and will get the job done
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  5. Go walk around pick up change go to the dollar store and buy a dollar pot....

    Use an old 3 gal trash can laying around.... a Rubbermaid container... get creative...

    Grow journal
  6. OK I get it. You could probably rig something like the guy said about. Maybe even use a T-shirt and tie off or stitch the holes closed. A lot of other options instead of a garbage bag, plus if you ever need to move it, will break as they are biodegradable. Plus there is pesticides in garbage bags.

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  7. Ok im gonna use a pillow cover then.
    Im sure that would work perfectly fine.
  8. Yes that should work good. Good thought. What are you using for soil. Do you have perlite?

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  9. Fox farm Ocean forrest. It has a good amount of perlite in it. I get a good amount of run off so I know its aerated enough.
  10. Well I would assume a pillowcase would work almost like a fabric pot. Well at least similar. Foxfarms is good soil, just don't put the plant in it until at least 2 weeks ish. Def better then a garbage bag. Good luck on your grow.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  11. My oldest plant is going on 3ish
    and my youngest is about a week and a half. So i should be good.
    They're both about to be due for a transfer. I go on vacation soon and my nutes say start 2 weeks before transplant so Im gonna wait 2 more weeks.
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    Any sort of t-shirt cotton, polyester, pretty much any fabric is biodegradable....hell fabric grow pots are biodegradable.Source vegetables biodegradable fabric grow pot on

    Not all trash bags are biodegradable either. Most aren't. Even those that are it isn't a fast process. 10-1000 years for most bags....i think will survive a grow

    How Long Does It Take Garbage to Decompose?
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  13. FFOF is a very rich soil. It will burn seedlings w/o even using nutes and even larger plants if you feed too soon.

    After you TP just take it easy.

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