Can I use a domeless nail?

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  1. hey. I have been using this rig for some time. I know its not an amazing rig but it works for me juat fine and I dont have the money for an expensive piece. I have been using this cheap glass nail with a dome but recently the nail broke and this is the second one. I want to get a domeless titanium nail. Would I be able to do this with some sort of adapter or can I just get one that slides in or over my piece? I'm so confused over the whole female and male thing. I will figure out the exact size tommorow but for right now I'm wondering if its even possible to get a domeless titanium nail.
    \nThis is what I am using now, broken glass nail with dome 
    \n 20141022_201833.jpg

  2. Yes, it'd work.

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  3. You can get a titanium nail that will fit in there just like the glass one. To get a domeless you might have to get an adapter cause of how big they are, I'm not sure if they make small domeless ones that will fit in there. More than likely someone does
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    Dont buy one from Ebay!
    Don't even tell people those nails exist!
    People are literally poisoning themselves with nails like those!
    Buy a nail from a reputable company at a reputable shop.
    Since your on a budget go for a quartz nail. They make quartz nails that are domeless that will work for your piece. Look up thick ass glass on google, can't name other sites here. Go to their nails and look at the domeless quartz they have. That's your best, safest, cheapest option. Don't even buy a nail from them, i have one and it's deffinitely not the same metal as my other nails. I used it twice. Incredibly harsh on the throat. Obviously some sort of fumes coming off the nail. Unless you fork over the money for something by HE go quartz.
    And whatever size it is, your "rig" has a male joint.
    You need a nail with a female joint.
  5. Domless TI?

    Save up some money and buy something with a replaceable head...

    I.e. Infiniti, omni, silika... In that order.

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  6. Yup, ya definitely can use a domeless nail!
    Use a glass domeless nail or titanium. Should run around the $50 range for titanium, $30 glass

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