Can I use a different HPS reflector hanger?

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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if it was possible for me to use this 400w HPS and switch out the light reflector with THIS short cool tube? Or would not be compatible?

    Do you guys think I should use MH bulb for veg? Or just use HPS the whole cylce? I know the light spectrum from MH is good for veg but doesn't produce as many lumens per watt as the HPS.
  2. You should switch bulbs it's not all about lumens produced if they have more lumens but the wrong spectrum those extra lumens are just getting wasted I've done it both ways thinking I'm smarter then everyone else and I found out I was just being a newb and as long as the plugs are the same it will work on the hood I don't know why you just don't purchase a light kit that has the hood your looking for there is a guy on Amazon by the name of low baller that has kits you can pick and choose from on the cheap that's where I got my kit two years ago and it's still going strong except for new bulbs I've purchased

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  3. The HPS set I linked is from lowballer. The reason I was asking is because lowballer doesn't have the ideal reflector for my setup. I figured the MH would be best, thanks for the input.
  4. Wow crazy he had every different kind of setup when I got mine send him an email on there and tell him what you want I've bought from them twice now

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  5. I'm no expert but from what I've read HPS is best for both veg and bloom due to higher lumens per watt. There is a university study that gave those results, on my phone now so no link... Will track it down if need be. Either way, HPS or MH will give excellent results as they are both very efficient.
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    HPS is better to run the full way through if you are sticking with 1 bulb. The reasoning behind it is HPS isint ideal for veg, but its ideal for flowering. So when you get past the Veg stage and flip it into flowering is when things get magical. MH and HPS have totally different spectrum's so the HPS is MEANT for flowering, its best to stick with 1 HPS unless you want to go from a MH during veg and just switch the bulbs over to HPS for flowering.

    And lumens when it comes to HPS vs MH. There is a reason they are specific spectrum's of light. MH has a blue spectrum which is good for Veg.
    Metal halide lights give off an intense, bluish-white light that plants respond to with healthy, vigorous growth. Plants will be stocky and strong, with dense green foliage. Metal Halide is the light of choice for indoor plant gardeners. The downside to Metal Halide lights is that the light is poor in the orange/red part of the spectrum.

    High Pressure Sodium light bulbs emit a white light concentrated in the orange/red spectrum. The orange/red sector of the spectrum enhances plants’ reproductive processes. High Pressure Sodium simulates outside autumn light and plants respond by producing larger harvests of high quality fruits, vegetables and flowers.
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