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can i use a cigarette for rolling paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by KushSmokaa, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. i have one cigarette and want to smoke a joint can i rip off the filter and spilt open the neck like a blunt and re roll it with weed?

    basically im asking can i use a cigarette for rolling paper and will it stick pce
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    Roll it back in forth between your fingers and empty all the tobacco out. Now carefully fill it back up with weed. Weedarette. You can fit a good 2 gs in these things sometime.

    P.S. You might wanna cut the filter off or really short. Personally I rip the cotton out, take half of it off then put it back in and cut it down a little bit
  3. ive done this before. its easy. take your cigarette and put it inbetween the palms of your 2 hand. and go back and forth as all the tobacco falls out. then make sure its all out then take a paper clip and fold the end. put it in the filter and slowly pull the filter out.

    then insert rolled up cardboard as a filter/roach. and just pack your weed where the normal tobacco would be. then use a pen to pack it tighter to the roach, and when you have enough u can twist the end and enjoy. have a good one bro
  4. Definitely. A friend of mine rolls them all the time. You don't need to rip the filter out though. Just split the neck open, pop out the tobacco, and replace it with weed.
  5. thanks dude ill try it. i dont smoke cigs i just have one around btw but if i stick a paper clip in the cotton will pop right out? also how do u make a cardboard filter? just roll it up or i have to fold a certain way? im a noob when it comes to blunts and joints
  6. I do that all the time since I can't roll decent joints :rolleyes:
    But yeah just roll out all the tobacco with your hands as everyone said & just fill it up with bud. I never even take out the cotton from the filter. It might filter out some THC, but not much. It still got me high.
  7. i looked it up 4 u. this is what i usually do

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy2Ww0S6H-g&feature=related]YouTube - How To Roll A Filter[/ame]

  8. yeah, you can do whatever you want with the filter, you can carefully massage the fibershit out of the filter just like you did with the tobacco, or leave it on (but you will lose thc in the filter). if you massage the filter out, take some cardboard and roll a roach to stick in place of the fiber, this is called a 'Secret Agent' lol. i used to roll these when i was in school. now i usually just rip the filter off, it works well in a pinch when you don't have papers.
    i wouldn't recommend splitting the paper, cellulose cigg papers dont seem to stick well w/o gum/glue.
  9. lol i read about the 'secret agent' in 'the joint rolling handbook' its real low key spark one up wheres theres others smoking and they wont know its you enjoying the ganja especially if its a spliff;)

  10. No it's a bad idea.

    I too fell for this 'good' idea last week. The weed tasted like tobacco and paper, and the paper burned 3 times as fast as the mix.

    Spend the 96 cents and get some buglers.
  11. Well, first try then ask because if you are not gonna try to smoke it then how you gonna find out.. I once tried it but never taste better then anything.. Now I can say that cigarettes real taste come only after first puff.

    buy cigarettes
  12. ... you're doing it wrong :rolleyes:

    man the paper a cigarette is rolled with works just fine for wrapping around kush aswell
  13. You may as well just stick some bud in the end of the cigarette
    kinda like hitting a popper without a bong
  14. Beware of all the poison that they spray on the paper... put a cig under a blacklight and it will glow big time because of all the chemicals they spray on the paper.

  15. it glows because its bleached, computer paper will too, or a white cotton shirt.
    but new FireSafeCigarettes have EthyleneVinylAcetate on the paper. but i suspect if you are a tobacco smoker, you'll get over it to catch a buzz.
  16. The reason why it glows in the dark is the Anti-Flamatory spray they put on the wrap to make it burn slower... Gross.
  17. I do that sometimes with a Marlboro red. I put a small amount at the end (one hit's worth), and I don't bother taking off the filter. I call it my "one hit wonder". :wave:
  18. You can do that with Coke as well.
  19. yea i used 2 do that with black and milds all the time
    (not a cig but same size)

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