can i use 3 65 watt cfl to grow a few plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TannerPeeatsoo, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I'm growing maybe 1 - 3 plants in my closet. I'm not going all out and money is tight so I can't go out and buy an HID or anything. I plan on using them through the whole life of the plants. If anyone thinks I should do something different please tell me. thanks
  2. Yes you could. As long as they are 60 actual, not equivalent watts. With three 60 actual watt bulbs you could grow 1-3 plants. If they're 13w(60w equiv) then you won't have enough light for a single plant.

    The general rule with CFLs is-
    100w for one plant, 50 more watts for each extra plant
  3. okay thanks you saved me haha the package says 16w
  4. A 4 pack of 23w (2500K) can grow a single plant, and is very cheap. Get two packs and you can grow 3 plants.

    6500K is better for veg, and 2500K is better for flowering. But, 2500K is more important to flowering than 6500K is for vegging. So, if you only get one pack, get 2500K.
  5. Thats a pretty good suggestion I might actually consider it, but another question would just a 200w (5,000k is what it says) light bulb be able to grow the plant to veg and just use your suggestion for the flowering state? Or would the 200w be okay
  6. Is this a 200w actual bulb? If so, yes you can use it for veg. But, I strongly recommend you use 2500K bulbs for flowering

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