Can I Trim A 5 Week Old Plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AshN, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Can I trim my 5 week old plant????
  2. Yes

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  3. Of course but what exactly are you trimming for?

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  4. You can, but don't!
  5. F*** already did^ i read on other forums that you can and it helps if you remove some of the bottom leaves? Hopefully my ak47 still grows alright ?
  6. It will be fine. If you removed leaves that get NO light then that is okay. Just don't remove any large sunleaves.
  7. I cut off 2 medium sized sunleaves and a few little ones, but I figured cause its got a fair few leaves for 5 weeks it should be okay?
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    Auto or photo strain? I'm trying to work out of this plant is in veg thats all

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  9. Been on 18/6 5 weeks, its not an auto , 11inches tall, any idea until I should change to 12/12

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  10. Yeah that's not an issue you can hack away in veg as plants can get time to recover.

    You can flip to 12/12 now but if you just trimmed some back then I would wait a little while now maybe 3-4 days to let her recover from the stress

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  11. Yeah I'll wait about another week till 12/12 thanks mate.

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