Can I Treat Fungus Gnats In Rapid Rooters?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kittengirl, May 28, 2013.

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    Hey there, I'm kinda new to this(10mo).Anyways I'm having a problem with fungus gnats, I think the rapid rooters I have got gnats in them? They only appeared 2wks ago when rooting some clones(they're rooting).
    I've read about putting a potato on the soil to lure the gnat larvae but it isn't working?.Got some yellow stickies and caught 5 only since Thursday. But I've been reading that you can kill the fg larvae with. Hydrogen peroxide 3% mixed 1/4 and I plan to treat the bigger plants.But can you treat newly rooted clones with hydrogen peroxide without killing the clone?
    I want to get this problem under control before budding.But if I treat the big plants without treating the clones too this problem will persist.So do you recommend treating.g the clones this way?Any other cost effective ideas(don't have to much $) Please let me know, I didn't have any bug problems from aug-may until spring came.? HELP
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    Avoid bleach to fix this issue at all costs, as it will throw your current Ph out....and cause even more problems,
    Use Neem oil, its organic and good!
    Hey kittengirl... vostok has all his ducks in a row, you would do well to heed his advice.
  4. But can't you treat them with hydrogen peroxide too?And my clones are still in the rapid rooters,treat them with neem oil too?
  5. Neem oil is good, I've never used hydrogen peroxide so can't advise there, but yes you can use the oil on clones. Another option you might want to consider, you can add one inch of course sand on top of your substrate if your not hydro, and that will rid you of the gnats.

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