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Can i tie a plant down during flowering???

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by doughboy911, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Main cola wasnt getting a good amount of light, so i tied it down slightly, will this damage the plant because i heard plants wont grow vertically during flowering??
  2. Yeah you should be fine. Just make sure to play with the stem a bit before you get right down to it. Make sure that the stem is still flexible and hasn't gotten so thick it will break. Also, make sure to do it during the light hours. You shouldn't have to tie it down too far or play with it too much since you're just trying to make sure it gets a lot of light.
  3. tying it down slightly is ok, but tying down during flowering generally causes floral hormone dispersion. the top cola is the biggest because it's the highest and gets more hormones, not solely because it gets more light. it's why lsting works the way it does. having said this, i've totally intentionally let the top cola fall way over on purpose to let the others be the top cola to gain extra size. in a side by side comparison it seemed to have worked... uh.... soory for running on
  4. yeah i barely tied it down, just enough so the 1000watter could hit those side spots of the colas, thanks for the info crispy critter, im gonna have to experiment with that
  5. hey doughboy,
    tie that baby down. i bend and contort all my plants in 1 form or another. and i have never had anything negative happen. if i would let my plants just grow they all would be over 6 feet tall.

    and yes plants will stretch during the flower stage. some of the plants will even double in size.

    good luck with your grow

    the shankster:bongin:
  6. Yes, tie it down, though as others have said it probably won't be flexible enough to bend it like a young sprout. So tie it tight, leave a few days, then tighten again, so that you slowly over time get the top lower without snapping the stem.
  7. Guy my plant is very bushy and some leaves in the central part of it are not getting much sunlight.. so i raised it upwards a bit to disperse the leaves. Is this a good idea? I have outdoor grow.. should i just leave it and let it figure its way into sunlight? It grew at an angle of about 40 because there is a massive tree behind it for security reason. So i thought i would give the 6.5 ft monster some support..

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