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Can I tell my doctor I smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CuriousToker28, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. I have been told by a PA outside of work that I almost certainly have bronchitis. I've had a severe cough for a few weeks now. And I want to go to my doctor to see if they can can prescribe me any sort of medication for it. Now i'm in college still so i'm on my parents health care plan. If I tell my doctor i smoke weed can that have any negative affects... like him telling my parents or the health care company...?
  2. i hav the same problem! i hope sum1 posts here soon cuz i dont know what 2 do...
  3. If you are an adult your doctor has no right to disclose your information to anyone if you ask him not to. Patient doctor confidentiality.
  4. No, don't tell your doctor you smoke.

    It's popular belief to feel it's okay to, but don't buy it
  5. If he's over 18, then I think he can tell without being in fear of that nonsense. They can't say things like that to the police unless what you tell them could physically harm someone. I'm unsure about whether they'll tell the healthcare firm though.

    Why do you need to tell them you smoke anyways? Just say you think you have Bronchitis, and ask him if you can get any medicine for it. (Don't sound like a prescription med addict though lol)

  6. It goes on his medical record
  7. DOCTORS WILL NEVER TELL YOUR PERSONAL WITH THEM TO YOUR PARENTS NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE! i went to counselling as a teen and told them many things and my mom still doesnt know (they`ll only give serious heath issues to your parents)

    and if they do give your personal info to your parents/or anyone you can get them in huge shit
  8. I told my doctor, she didn't even care or make a deal out of it
  9. As long as you/your company is covering your health care (aka not your parents), they can't disclose anything you tell them to anyone else without your permission.

    Doctor-patient confidentiality is not to be fucked with.
  10. If you have insurance it might be something you refrain from telling your doctor.
  11. I wouldn't say anything. If she suspects you smokes something, say you smoke hookah every once and while
  12. A doctor can't do anything unless he has reason to believe you're about to injure yourself or someone else.

    Drug usage is something you should always be honest with your doctor about. Doctor-patient confidentiality is taken VERY seriously.
  13. you should tell him....dont listen to these people.

    if your 18 and have never heard of doctor - patient confidentiality, shame on you.
  14. Medical records


    Marijuana statistics
  15. what does that have anything to do with the situation at hand?
  16. I see no problem with letting your doctor know, unless you have health insurance.
  17. Once your insurance company finds out you smoke weed they have the right to deny you coverage, this has been the case even for life threatening situations. People have literally been denied the right to live simply because they smoke weed.
  18. you cannot be serious?

    Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Breaches. Lawyer, Attorney, Law Firm for Medical Malpractice | MedicalMalpractice.com

    "A doctor is obligated by his or her professional duty to keep your health information private. This confidentiality extends to your medical records like lab tests and x-rays, any test results, and anything you say to your doctor. The doctor’s diagnosis and opinions about your health, what was done during an examination and anything the doctor might say to you or about you to other professionals working for your health are also covered under doctor-patient confidentiality. "
  19. who the fuck cares, what is the doctor going to do turn you in to the police? gimme a fuckin break :rolleyes:

  20. this.

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