Can I tell if male or female yet?

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  1. I am on at the end of the 1st month, growing 2 plants of WHITE ICE, I don't know if the seeds were male or female they were mixed when I bought them at 'Seniseeds', Amsterdam, but 1 really smells good, the other still smells like a green plant :p

    The left one is 23 cm tall, while the other is 18cm tall, I will start flowering the 23 cm one once it hits 25cm (id say 3 - 4 more days).

    At which stage can I tell if they are female / male or hermaphrodite..

    I do see 1 white tiny hair coming out, see photos:
    is it a female?


    Zoom into branch:\



    P.S. why are some bottom leaves yellowish, like super dry?
  2. Having lower leaves die is normal dont freak out. As long as the rest of your plant doesnt do that.

    As for male of the most often asked other then yield. Males and Females have the same exact characteristics. Its not possible to determine sex untill your into flowering for a while. What you took a picture of is on every plant. Just be patient. Check out the sexing guide in the forums.
  3. hermies develop due to light leaks in the flower stage 12hrs of complete darkness even taking pics with lights off can cause hermies should see sex by week two of flower if u cant tell then prob a male

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