can I tape a branch back together?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ironfaux, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I was tucking a top under my scrog screen and I accidentaly snapped it almost all the way in 2.
    I proceeded to tape it back togther to keep it from moving,so my question is , has anyone tried this before and has it worked?
    Its the 3 day of 12/12 and the branch was only 5 inches long with a flower beginning (every little bit helps) and not completely seperated
  2. My friend and I tape up broke branches. Most live a few dont. Just be careful when moving around it, so u dont do it again when its healing
  3. :gc_rocks: I really like this website,ask a question(any crazy question) get an answer.
  4. Foil tape works really well for this.
    After it's taped u can add a splint and some more tape (bamboo skewers are the cats ass)
  5. I've only tried it once, way back. It struggled, and I could visually see a difference between the bud that branch produced ...... but it produced.
  6. :yay:thx maine(remember the maine! lol)
    I checked this morning and the branch seems to have perked up already,so I guess its another disaster averted!
    btw I just used reg scotch tape

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