can i take ex with smoking pot?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JimmyMcStoner, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. will it mess anything up? .... just wondering
  2. Yes you can smoke some pot while you roll. In fact, I'd recommend it.

    Have fun and good vibes
  3. Yeah man load up that bong eat yo bean smoke while your waitting for it to kick it =P.
  4. lol, well if i roll i want it to be my last. i hate life :p sorry dude XD <3
  5. You can't roll and not blaze up imo
  6. smoking and rolling are like fucking peas in a fucking pod. an intensely euphoric and mildly psychedelic pod of course.
  7. spark your first blunt about 15 mins after taking the roll. then def smoke while you're rolling and def smoke a lot for the comedown :)
  8. well shit i found out i cant od, guess i just got a lot of ex and not so much pot LAME im fucked till next month i guess
  9. uhh gtfo troll.

    Either that or emo kid.
  10. What is going on in this thread? :laughing:

    Are you trying to kill yourself OP? Bad idea.
  11. aye bruh you wont get any sympathy from anyone here, try to tell your problems but i'll keep it real no one cares, we all got 'em...smoke that weed and pop a few pills and feel good, stop havin a pity party
  12. yeah im at that point now woo, who wants to see my first roll! jk, ... lol
  13. you mean troll
  14. i have never taken e without blazing, haha
  15. Weed goes with anything. X, Opiates, LSD, rape, Shrooms, killing kittens? With pot, you can't go wrong.
  16. he be troilling
  17. This Made My Fucking Night, Thanks Guys, i do not wanna die anymore, ex is fun :D woooo lol, 5 + 6 bong packs of skunk = rollingGodsend. :D woot! <3 I LOVEYOUGUYS

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