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can I take a xan bar? I just took 3 7.5 vics+soma?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SnortIt, May 31, 2009.

  1. Straight forward question, can I take a bar after a soma and 3 7.5 vics? Just one bar, will I be ok? I really appreciate it. My mom just went to the hospital so I'm stressed and a bar would be nice.

  2. yea but you will be BLowEd

    this will cheer you up


  3. do your mom a favor and stay safe. mixing drugs is very dangerious man. whats wrong with your mom? shit when im stressed i just smoke some high grade, of course i have court in a few weeks so im detoxing and fucking stressed. today i accidently bumped into my cancun mug that i got with my friend before he died and it hit my shoe breaking the handle and i absolutly flipped the fuck out. i was on half a 5th of jager when it happened and i cant smoke so i pretty much went crazy for a good 5 hours, kindof just woke up to be honest and its 9pm.

    but cmon man your already on two drugs, just smoke a bowl if ya got it:smoke: and save the bar. PM me if you got to talk man, i hope your moms ailment isnt serious
  4. I appecieate it man, my mom is an exaddict and she broke her foot because she was on some vics so I just was stressed, I already popped the bar. I appreciate the concern + I aint got no green,

  5. i hope your mom gets better dude
  6. For so many pricks on GC you guys are nice, I sincerely appreciate it.

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