Can i take a clone from this (pics)

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  1. i was thinking of taking clones from my little plant, can i take clones from it now or should i wait a bit longer, here are the pics. IMG_93861.JPG IMG_93871.JPG IMG_93881.JPG

  2. You could at this point, yes. What i would suggest though is topping the plant or fimming it to promote off shoots to the side, basically turn one stalk into two and so on. After the topping has healed and grown out a bit, then take a clone from the new shoots., i would only take clones of roughly 5 inches or taller. Just my opinion though.
    Funny thing is my chicken already topped my plant ( it ate all the leaves lol) heres a pic of when she ate it lol IMG_9253.JPG
    and this was before the plant was eatn, it was not bushy. IMG_9233.JPG
  4. hahahaha chicken topping lol. that recovery looks really good. Shit man, snip a few lower branches off, use rooting solution, and re plant. I would suggest getting rock wool cubes and at least a 6 inch tall humidor container. In total its like 20 bucks worth of stuff, but oh so helpful. Maybe some nowilt too.
  5. Why does this young plant have so much burn on it you giving it nutes?Sent from my SGH-M919 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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