Can I switch my clone from DWC to soil?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by greasybenz, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hi bit new to growing, have done a great deal of reading on this forum as well as books.
    Currently I have a armoire setup with a T5 2 bulb 48W grow light (similar to this Sun Blaze T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light 2ft 2 Bulb 48W) and two bubba kush clones. One in a 3.5 gal bubble bucket (deep water culture) and another clone in a pot of organic soil. Good ventilation temps seem to be cool.

    So far the clone in soil is doing fine. Ph is normal and its growing nicely. Unfortunately the same cant be said for the clone in the bubbler. Ph has been all over the place and the plant looks stressed from it. The bubble bucket is definitely more trouble then its worth.

    Im currently using alaska brand grow nutrients on both plants. And only use a third of the recommended dosage.

    My question is simply can i plant the clone from the dwc setup to a pot of soil without harming it?

  2. as long as you don't harm the roots in the process it should do fine... good luck on that...
    get them out of the net, rinse them off carefully and loosely integrate them into the soil when filling the pot:D

    also something that can be of value for limited-space soil grows is that if you put a layer of hydroton balls or something like that on top of the soil about 1/2' to 1' thick it helps distribute the moisture better and the roots use much more of the soil available than without that layer:cool: try it, it works ;)

    btw... aren't there usually seperate lines of ferts each for soil and for hydro, or is that just with some brands?:confused:
  3. yep just be careful not to damgae roots and you'll be fine. i've taken sprouts from my waterfarm to soil and they were just fine. just be carefull.

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