Can i sue my school?

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  1. I am currently a student in college and I would like for you to share some of your knowledge in rights. What are my rights in this situation. So here it is (short and simple)
    The Thursday before last I was caught with a little less than .5 in my room.
    I was not in my room when they found the pot and they were doing a random health/safety inspection (room check). My roomate claims that he saw the STUDENT RA looking around my room searching and the head manager was not present. My roomate says that he thought it was me in my room but I had not even been back to my room all evening. My roomate basically caught my RA searching my room. I also found out that the student RA's are not allowed to search the rooms especially without my presence or the presence of the residence director. In the incident report they both claim to have entered the room and started searching. If my roomate was outside the building looking into the room why did he only see one person searching. Why was the resident director not present with him. The weed was inside my drawer and I had not smoked in my room so there was no smell. The RA and RD both claim they smelled a faint smell of marijuana but they could hardly notice until they walked close near my desk. When they normally do a check I am usually in my room. When I am in my room they never come in to investigate my room no matter how it smells. How can they use the smell as probable cause while I am not present? How can smell be used as evidence. The entire school put so much pressure on me and kicked me out. They gave me a notice on Friday and said that I must be out by the very next day. I was told that I could submit an appeal to request more time only if I had it turned in before 5pm. The lady I had to turn the appeal to left before 5 so I did not even have a chance to get it in. When Monday came I went to the lady's office and she said I did not have it in by five. I specifically remember turning in the paper at 4:58 because I had to slide it under her door. Her leaving before 5 gave me a bad look once it was time to meet with the Vice President. I was meeting with him in the first place to discuss my appeal on having a week or at least a few more days to find a place to live. He did not give me any longer than 24 hours. I still have to pay thousands for a room that I cannot even use for the rest of the semester unless someone buys my room. Since registration is over there will most likely be no buyers coming my way. I feel like the system is being so picky. Meanwhile, people on the top floor of my dorm smoke blunts in their living room. There are dealers right next door from me just making lots of money. There is another unfair glitch in their system. The top floor has coed privileges while no other place on campus does. Just that floor. If someone of the opposite sex is found in our rooms after 12 we will get a fine. There is nothing giving anyone the option to live in coed. All the floors are coed on my campus but the only HALL that is coed is the top floor. I heard it is because they ran out of space. At the same time there has been rooms available on other floors of the campus all semester. I feel like out of all the problems at my school my school does not prioritize them. I think there is something unfair and I need to do something fast. I have no money, im officially homeless and I will fight back. Should I get free consultation? May I have a case in my hands? I would like to know what you would do in this situation. My roomates are telling me to sue. PS I did not get kicked out of school. I just out of the dorms.
  2. Nope. You signed forms at the beginning of the year from the housing department laying out the rules and the fact that they can search your belongings at any time if they have probable cause.

    That's why it's so important to READ what you sign. Funny concept that.

    You can get a lawyer if you want, but you really have no recourse. Go back and reading your housing documents.
  3. Most schools they must have a signed letter from the dean giving permission to search your room, but every school is different. I would contact your Student conduct board and ask to speak with one of your peers on the subject.
  4. yeahhh you have no case here
  5. you can always try. but i would not waste the money. u got screwed but lucky u are still in college. in my day they wouldnt really do shit because the RA's did there own shit. as a freshman it is much more difficult to smoke herb. as an upper classmen you have more options that get some more freedom. i would look into what u signed and if u are able to see no evidence then get a lawyer....but then how u gonna focus on the semester. i personally have never heard of this shit
  6. I will do a free consultation.
  7. Can I get some words from someone who knows a bit about law?
  8. Nah ur screwed

  9. I just told you.

    You signed a binding contract. It's called a "Housing Contract" for a reason. You did not abide by the terms of that contract, so they terminated it.
  10. sorry op ..i feel bad for u man
  11. What makes you think you could sue?? You don't have anything to go on
  12. why the hell do people post this stuff? gc is not a collection of lawyers. go find a lawyer and talk to him.

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