Can i still use my medical card the day it expires

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  1. Hello I've had a medical card for 5 years and never let it expire till this year it expires on the 1st of July 2019 can I still use it the day of??
  2. My card expired a while back, but my usual supplier hasn't mentioned anything to me. I'm guessing some dispensaries probably don't care if your card expires as long as you're a current "valuable" customer lol. However, expired medicinal cards may be a problem with first time customers.
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  3. I live in Arizona and accidentally went in on a dispensary the day after it expired and they couldn't do it. I'm sure if it were their decision, they would make an exception, but I like that would be against the law and they could get a lot of trouble. You're gonna have to wait to renew it. Sorry bud. D:

    Then again, that's in Arizona. Can't say this for sure entirely if you're in another state/country. Maybe you'll get lucky like what Cannabliss said.
  4. It already expired,they check your card in their base
  5. It all depends where you go honestly.
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  6. I did not see the link, but from my experiences, it's based on when you get it. So if someone got their med card on July 1, then yes you are completely correct on what you said. However, mine was done in march (I'm pretty sure) so mine expired then.
  7. Should be ok.

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