can I still transplant?

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  1. Yess I know you're supposed to have one plant to a pot but long story short I got this



    So can I transplant still or should I just leave them together? They're 3.5 weeks old
  2. the roots will be proper entangled, separating will damage the roots, no question. but in reality it won't kill them. personally at this stage I would keep them together and just train the stems apart to give the plants some room. they won't mind sharing
  3. Pick out the weaker plant and pull that one out as gently as possible, and hope she adjusts to her new home. There are experienced gardeners who plant multiple plants per pot with success, but I don't recommend it to beginners
  4. Are they the same strain? If they are, you might just want to just train them apart and plant them in a good sized RubberMaid tub. Same strain plants usually grow at the same speed and one won't crowd the other.

    Also there is a fair chance one will be male and need to be disposed of. :cool:

    If you really want to transplant them, get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water, and put your pot in the water. Underwater, you will be able to separate the two plants with little root damage. Just slip off the pot, and gently poke and prod the plants apart! Water them in well when you transplant them..

    Granny :wave:

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