Can I Still Order Seeds In This Situation?

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  1. I don't live in the USA, nor europe, in most seedbanks it says that they ship to my country but that's not possible because my country doesn't have an organized mailing and adressed system to order stuff from the outside, so we have this companies called courrier, they usually have an office in florida and if I want to order something ''f.e: amazon'', I use that office address in florida and that company takes care of bringing my stuff here (like a middleman). There's lot's of those here and I've ordered pipes and a bunch of stuff using this, they probably wouldn't care if they see that I oredered seeds but I want to be cautious and know if the packaging says they are mj seeds, if they're hidden or not, would also apprecciate some advices if someone had experience with this etc..
    I read some posts but wanted to make one in case there might be something I didn't know related to my situation.

  2. They'll be disquised as regular mail. Never seen the words "cannabis"(or any other name for pot) or "seeds" on any of my packages. And ive ordered a shit load of seeds from pretty much every bank out there.

    Ill bet your order goes through without a hitch.

    OTD... Haiti/Hispaniola? Or which island? Used to live in Charlotte Amalie USVI and did some island hopping so it just curiousity. if you'd rather not answer I get that. :)
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    Hispaniola man, pretty good beaches and sunny days, which seed bank would you recommend?
  4. The attitude. especially next weekend when they arr doing their monthly promo.

    Also, have a look @ Sannies or the Mr. Nice Auction House.(google em)

    Man I gotta go on vacation......there are no bikinis on the Oregon coast.
  5. nirvina or attuide
  6. Not sure if you ordered but I'd go with attitude for sure. I've been ripped off by seeds boutique which I think is nirvana. Attitude has came through for me. You could also try Herbies headshop as well. 
    Good luck to you, and enjoy those beaches.

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