can i start seeds in rockwool...

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  1. i want to start some seeds and was thinkg of soaking my rockwool cubes then dropping in seed....can i do this?
  2. Yes...just make sure you soak the rockwool in some PHd water for a couple of days. Rockwool seems to take some time. Also make sure you have the pointed part of the seed pointing up and dont put the seed too far down the hole. Good Luck. Id recommend a humidity dome with a heated pad and some perlite for better/faster root production.
  3. thanks for the help! what is the Ph range I should use.
    thanks again
  4. Would be the other way around. The pointed part is the one that splits open for the taproot to grow, so if you care, that end should be pointing into the soil. It doesn't matter too much though, it's the taproot's job to grow down into the soil, and it's good at its job.;)

    Between 6.5 and 7 will be fine.
  5. germinate your seeds in a shot glass with distilled water or paper towel method.

    when the taproot pops out place the taproot down in the rockwool with the top of the shell lightly covered
  6. I start all of my seeds in rockwool and have not had any problems doing it this way. I pH some RO water to 5.5-5.8 & soak my rockwool overnight in it. When I am ready to place seeds I first take the rockwool cube in my hand and give it two or three good shakes to get some of the water out and then make a hole in the cube about a half to three quarters of an inch deep. I then place the seed, pointed side down, into the cube and then rip a little piece off of the side and place it over the top. I usually stretch this piece out so it is just a light covering over the top of the hole. Usually in two to three days I have seeds poking out the top and starting to do their thing. When ready you can then place them into whatever medium your using.
    Good luck,

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