Can i start picking shit off?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gokukamaya, May 3, 2011.

  1. Been flowering for 3 weeks one day and would like a little smoke, would it be okay?
  2. I wouldnt do it at all, thats what I did with my first plants and eventually got almost nothing from them.

    You should just leave them alone, but if you really need to smoke that bad, I would at least wait till week 6 or 7. Mine is at the end of week 5 and is just really starting to smell/look really good..
  3. okay, how are they looking , do they really start coming together around then?
  4. yeah, even towards the end they won't really get you high unless they are ready. Wait it out bro.
  5. yeah, ever tryed to smoke bud right off a plant... doesnt work, needs that dry/cure time..

    i cut a cola off a plant once before it was ready, tried to fast dry... didnt work out well, funny though, there was a bit of bud i had just left sitting on top of my TV, and i found it a few days later, it had dried perfectly and was an amazing smoke..
  6. Yeah, drying them in the oven makes them taste really weird and you only get a small head high from plants that are not ready yet..
  7. hey what about the jamaicans? dont they smoke it wet because they like the taste of the erb?

  8. nah, the taste really doesnt even come out until it's cured, they probably do it in jamaica like they do in huge mexican ops, huge grows, pull em all at the same time, throw em in a hot shack for a week to dry, then bale/press and package
  9. i guess, theoretically if you wanted to, you could snip off a little treat for yourself. it definitely wont be as good as the ones you wait for. the plant will gain most of its resin and weight in the final 2-4 weeks of the grow. as far as wet, i would say dont bother. when the plant is wet it contains most of the chlorophyll, waxes, and oils still in the leaves. a nice slow dry will help all of these compounds diffuse and evaporate. also drying helps convert thc from a crude acidic form( which will NOT get you high) into its psychoactive neutral form.

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