can i start my bloom nutes Now?Pistols poppin out

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  1. my ssh is already flowering and i see the chem4 (about 4.3ft) is showing pistols and lower leaves turning yellow (i think she's using all her nitrogen in those leaves) so im wondering if i can start them on the bloom nutes for more nitrogen?
    Thanks for any replies
  2. If the yellowing is only on inner, older leaves thats fairly normal... if its starting from the bottom and going up, thats bad. Ur bloom nutes are actually probably very low in nitrogen, maybe not enuff to help that much with yellowing, but u should start them soon anyway...hows the SSH growing for u? Ive got some SSHxstrawberry cough and lavenderxSSH that are doing pretty nice....
  3. I'm ready to start my flowering nutes too. I'm wondering what I should use. I'm giving her 5-1-1 (fish) now, should I go with something else? I've read about using some sugar based stuff like maple syrup, last year I started using 2-7-7 after she flowered and I got pretty good results but bigger is always better right? I don't know were to buy Big Bloom or some of that other stuff I've read about and I don't realy have the $ for that. Any suggestions????
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    Are they clones or seed? Do you see any pistals togather. Or just singles spread out her and there? I switch to bloom ferts when I see mult. pistals starting to form togather. Singles is pree flower. Or thats what I call it.

    Clones will show pistals at any time and all thru the grow. So be carfull there friend. This fools many. When you see 3 or 4 pistals from the same spot on the top of the colas. You know shes ready.
  5. My girl is a clone, when I first got her she was sticky all over, now she isn't. I've seen pistols on her from the beginning. Checking to see if there are more than one pistol together is new to me so I'll have to go look, what do you know about the nutes for better buds?

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