Can I start LSTing and/or Top yet?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by RogueToker, Jul 13, 2011.

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    I have two plants, one Northern Lights x Skunk and one Afghan Kush x White Widow. They were transplanted from rockwool to soil on June 25. This is my very first grow and I would like to lst them since my grow space is not very tall.

    Here are pictures I took just a minute ago-

    First plant:



    Second plant:


  2. Anyone? I actually had a decent amount of growth last night.
  3. i just lst'd my plants today.. and their only a little bigger than that, so id say do it. though dont take my opinion too seriously, i dont really know. lol.

  4. Thanks! About how far down did you bend?
  5. would you like me to post a pic?
  6. well. if you wanna look just click on my link in my sig. i just put pics up.
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    That would be wonderful!

    **Just saw your second post and am checking out your journal now. Thanks again.
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    Ok, I just tried my hand at staking them down a bit. Can anyone out there tell me if this even looks like I did it correctly?


  9. I pulled mine down almost to the dirt, actually gotta lst again right now...
  10. @RogueToker maybe a little young for LST, but definitely too young for topping.
  11. The LSTing has gone well so far. I also ended up staking down the individual branches and can already see more growth in areas that weren't receiving nearly as much light before. I'm still undecided on whether or not I will top at all.

  12. Never too young for LST. NEVER. I do not care what anyone says to the contrary. I have an ass ton of experience with this. Bend to your hearts delight.

    Also, topping can be done whenever too, but i recommend waiting till at least the 5th node to appear. Much easier on the baby.

    Keep that stake in place until the growth head points itself back up. Use rope, twine, etc (metal hooks can rust and have a much greater chnace of damaging the plant). Then tie it back down and continue this process until the plant top reaches the walls of your container. Then begin to "spiral" the stem around the perimeter of your pot. Watch how that bitch bushes out. I promise you wont be disapointed.

  13. Thanks! I have already had to restake it once because it was pointing directly towards the light again. I am amazed at how much more bushy it has gotten in just a week.

  14. Look up plant "auxins" the wiki should tell you why LST, topping and fimming help with increasing bushiness.

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