can i start bloom nutes now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by msad420, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. ok so my plant has preflowers all over and it seems its about to start flowering .. should i use bloom nutes( GH grow micro bloom. to help it along with flowering... heres some info

    15 gallon pot right now.. going to be transplanting tmmrow to a 65 litre container

    hindu kush skunk is the strain and its about 5 feet now...

    i just recentley topped it in 4-5 diffrent places about 5 days ago... evreything i toped grew back as 2 except for the main 2 that grew back as 3 cuz i side node streched up....

    also i have a choice bewteen sunlight from 9 in the morning till around 4 in the afternoon...

    and also from 1 in the afternoon till 8 at night

    wich one is better?
  2. You set your grow back with it being topped so soon to flowering. In my honest opinion.
  3. Morning sun is best, and 9-4 gives u 7hrs, which is fine. 1-8 is the same timeframe, but id go for the AM sun.... U did top a bit late, I did my last one almost 2 weeks ago and it felt too late for me even then. Near flowering, dont top. Supercrop! And I wait until I have tiny clusters of preflowers, almost real nugs, til I hit em w/bloom nutes. I'm hitting heavy this year, with MOAB, NPK=1-32-52 and Snow storm ultra=0-0-3, buffered with Roots Buddha Bloom but if u end up using insane chem supplements like these start really slow cuz they burn easy..

  4. my strain is mad sativa it loved the topping. it didnt even stunt growth being topped... all the spots have already grown back 5-7 inches within 3-4 days ... it acaully had a growth spurt bigtime when i topped all the lower branches shot up huge... i dont really think i set my grow back

    i still have another 1 -2 weeks intill flowering kicks in so i have lots of time

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