Can I snip the Original 2 Leaves? Yellowing and Dieing?????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by superdupertoke, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. So my girl is 22 days now, and is super healthy. However, the botton of the plant theres llike the 2 original leaves, not a 7 leafer, just one individual one on each side. They are dried up and yellow, can I just snipp it off?? Thanks
  2. leave it. the stress is going to those leaves and will eventually fall off.
  3. So is this a normal thing? If I were to snip the stress may affect other leaves? Thanks
  4. it wont affect the other leaves. if anything the plant will just use its resources to heal the parts you cut. which might stress the plant a little or stunt its growth? im not 100% positive. i mean if you cut the leaves off its not the end of the world. you wont see a decrease in yield or potency thats for sure. i just like to let nature take its toll
  5. *BUMP*

    Just let nature do it's thing. Most pot plants are surprisingly strong, so I wouldn't worry too much about it... Just look at your plant and make sure it doesn't have something like potassium deficiency, or a some bugs feeding on it, those both can ruing a perfectly good grow...:smoke:
  6. I will let nature take its course. I have the 22 day old girl in a 10qt pot, i think the roots have already hit the bottom, can I leave it like that until I harvest? Will it affect the yield or potency? If I left it in the pot would it kill the plant due to crowded roots?
  7. wont die. will stunt growt n it will effect yeild dramatically. transplant before you flower
  8. If I transplant the 22 day year old plant, with the length of the roots, wont it stress it to much and kill it?
  9. im blanking out on the name but theres something you can give your plant to help not stress it out. and nah it wont kill it just stunt growth and bud production if ya wait too long
  10. Thankyou theiv, any input on my nute pineapple molassis water??
  11. havent heard much about it except it might improve taste and smell but i think regular unsulphured molasses is fine
  12. bro mj is hardy and giving. i have 2 plants that iv put through hell. nute burn, heat stress, dewfeicenty from ph being out of wack. have transplantes each 3 times, and my girlfriend dropped on its face when she was watering it. there strong plants you wont hurt it. unless you go crazy on the root ball which you wont. when transplanting water thoroughly so the soil stays together. you wont hurt her
  13. Thankyou for your help, how big of pot will she require most likely?
  14. 3-5 gal should be fine
  15. you can trim the dead leaves off. dont let them rot off it makes the plant more vulnaruble to mold and other disease
    our plants had yellow and dying bottom leaves and we think it was a nitrogen build up, so we leached them(flushed them with water). they are already improving since we did that..

  16. I've heard that large trash cans work very well.:smoke:

  17. LOL shit my bad. didnt realize how much i smoked yesterday until now haha

  18. What??? That doesn't make sense...:(

  19. lol nvm then i dont know what im saying. so did ya snip em??

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