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Can I smoke weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thee Mushroom Man, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. So, today i went to court and got probation. I got probation for a non-drug related charge, but anyways i meet with my probation officer and he had me sign this forum, which said all the stuff i had to do. There was one check mark next to community service, and thats it. On the forum it lists the following.
    Random drug screening, Jail tour, alcohol screening, rehab, etc. But these things were not checked off, and i asked my probation officer about it, and he said that the ones with the check mark next to them applied to me. So once again the drug screening was not check marked. So do you guys think i can smoke if i want, or should i lay low, i have no problem either way, but just thought since i signed the paper they couldn't legally make me do a drug screening, because i never signed to it. Thanks.

  2. They can still test ya if they want. Im assuming its misdemeanor probation. Best to see him a few times and get to know him. My probation I have felony possession charges.. im tested but I still smoke.(on a t break now though) I have found a special loophole. My PO is impatient, and always offers me an oral swab test. But in your case give it a rest until you've seen him at least 4 times.

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  3. like the bodom fan said, keep it easy man. thats how they get you haha
  4. Make sure to go high as hell to the service. Otherwise it's boring as fuck.

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