can i smoke weed without having a panic attack?

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    ive read a few things on panic attacks and weed. my problem is that i smoked weed just fine for about three years without any problems. i think a lowering in my tolerance due to breaks (drug tests and feeling really sick), along with stress have caused me to have panic attacks. the thing is, this never happened when i first started smoking and had an insanely low tolerance. im skinny and have a high metabolism, so my tolerance is never that high. well, it just started happening out of the blue. i decided to quit drinking caffeine when i started feeling really sick, dizzy, weird, and my heart rate was very high. turns out i had three infections and wasnt getting enough nutrients, plus caffeine withdrawal. i was pretty sick for a while. i cant stand sitting in the same place or laying in bed all day, so i would push myself to get up and move. when i would go hang out with friends i would of course feel like smoking because that is just a part of hanging out. i would get the weird dizzy feeling and have to go home and lay down. yet sometimes, like especially when home alone and just smoking a little, i would be okay. i really enjoy smoking weed, or did before i started freaking out. i really, really dont want to quit. is there any way i can keep smoking without freaking out? and is it possible to beat these feelings simply by telling myself i will be okay?

    just had a thought. i am trying to quit smoking cigarettes and have seriously cut down. when i smoke weed, i get a very powerful urge to smoke one. i try to resist and get extremely anxious. usually i give in with a half cigarette. could that make me light headed enough to combine with the anxiety of not having my post-weed nicotine, giving me the feeling of a panic attack?
  2. Take a hit and relax.

    Let the weed calm you down instead of panicking.
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  3. i dunno, can you?
  4. you've got a case of high anxiety. It can cause panic attacks when the anxiety just shoots through the roof. It's all in your mind, so it is entirely possible to smoke without getting one. But, you might be paranoid going into it, so when you get high, the anxiety goes up because of anticipation of a panic attack, and then you get one. It can be a paradox. My advice is to face your fears, and don't let the panic/anxiety run your life. I had a similar situation around age 19-21 and it took a lot of work to get under control without being prescribed meds.

    Good luck man.... I know how much of a burden this can be. I hope you get the beautiful feeling of RELAXATION and it sticks forever =P

    anything that you THINK might be the cause of a panic attack, is at least one of the causes.
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  5. i dunno, can i? was hoping to get answers from people who know a little bit about weed and panic attacks...figured a weed forum was the best place to ask
  6. thanks, this really makes me feel a lot better about it. i do NOT want to quit, especially not now since i have already quit caffeine and am in the process of quitting cigarettes. i cant quit too much at once. i guess i will just have to try to relax more
  7. I am all to familiar with this problem and have been working to get it under control for the past few months. I smoked a lot of weed before and never had the problem up until recently.

    Something you should work on is set and setting. If you find yourself getting anxious before you smoke you are most likely going to get very paranoid when you smoke. This is the set part, you should have good feelings running through your body before you smoke. The next part is setting, you should be in a place where you are fully comfortable and free of anything that can make you anxious/paranoid. You may like smoking with your friends but it might be best to break through this phase in the comfort of your own home.

    It is in your mind and like I say I struggle with this too but you can break out of it and change your thinking.

    "In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally. These limits are further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind, there are no limits."

    -John C. Lily

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    I had the same problem back when I was 16. I was a daily smoker from the age of 12..yeah I know haha. When I was 16 I went out of town for two weeks with my parents and I took a plane so I didnt have any bud to smoke for that whole time. The second I got home I smoked like 3 depth charges and I was FUCKED, tripping out so bad I had a panic attack, ended up in the hospital because I was convinced I was dying. I quit for like a year after that because every time I blazed I would get the shakes and panick and it just wasnt fun. It really did a number on me because I had never experienced this previously. I eventually started smoking again and I realized it was all in my head. If you smoke a bowl with a nervous apprehension that you are going to freak will, its as simple as that. I have the ability to control panic attacks now. Every once in a while if I get extremely stressed I can get close to having one but I know the signs and symptoms so I can just stop them in their tracks now.

    But by all means you should probably take a bit of a break, eat really healthy foods and excercise. Get your body into a healthy equilibrium and you will feel amazing when you blaze.
  9. I have severe anxiety and had to try out different strains of weed until I found some that don't trigger my anxiety. I used to have panic attacks several times a day, thanks to paxil and weed....I haven't had a panic attack in 6 months :D
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  10. Try smoking some indica instead of sativa. I also suggest smoking alone, in a relaxed and controlled environment. Brew a cup of tea and throw on some soft tunes or do something that you would normally do when you're in your comfort zone.


    People can trigger panic attacks easily, it's common. Don't smoke with people who are eccentric. Find somebody who is laid back and someone you can trust, see how it goes from there.
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    Hey whats good bro? I recently have had the same thing, click on my profile and i have a post about my TERRIBLE trip, well its been about a month now, i havent blazed at all, what your problem is that your probably smoking really shitty weed, or just some really good dank, you need to sit relax, its honestly all in your head, if you have this problem with weed never EVER try any other drug , let me say that again NEVER EVER do any other drug... As it can honestly mess with your brain. Now that being said you have to start doing things you like and be positive about everything you do, start eating right, exercise, meet girls ;), also in you head just be like oh ok i wont blaze currently but i will take time off and my body will get out of this state and i will be able to blaze later(take at least 2-5 months break) let your body forget about that bad terrible trip, and you should be good, also you cant be thinking about your trip if your about to blaze, because thats whats going to make you trip even more because your brain will remember what happened last time and you'll trip out even more. Also stick to reg bud, dont do that stupid K2, SPICE or what its called. Blaze a nice sativa , sit back relax, watch a funny movie, dont start thinking about negativie thoughts. There are some strains that actually can relief this, some would be strawberry cough, bc bud, master kush, white widow, hindu and some more. Also limit how much you blaze, for example roll a J, take a hit or 2, if your not high, take another hit, and so on..
    Also weed can help some people, or can cause some people some bad thoughts etc.. dont abuse it, and let it help you.
    Also try vaping, vaping has a different high, and does mostly kill of those bad chemicals.
    Dominic :)
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  13. You just need to smoke a blunt in the comfort of your own home. I find that cigarettes make me nauseous after smoking weed. Don't do that. If you feel dizzy, go to sleep. Eventually your tolerance will build up and you'll be all set

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  14. Same thing happened to me. Was cool for many years then just started tripping.

    Take a break for a while and sort your life out. You can also try vaporizing or edibles as I've noticed from experienced that the panic is worse when smoking.

    I think it's something in the smoke itself cuz I get anxiety when I smoke cigarettes too, but I don't get it when I snus or vape my nicotine. Maybe the carbon monoxide? Or maybe one of the other 4000 chemicals in the smoke particles.

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