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can i smoke weed out of a tobacco pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by sid42, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. i live out of usa so its very hard to me to get a decent device to smoke grass. im buying a mini tobbaco pipe from ebay (beautifull pipe by the way) yeah i can homemade one , but its not the same , i need a small pocket device so i can smoke in peace..
  2. Weed pipes are tobacco pipes, bro.
  3. what about the carb hole?
  4. If you mean the wooden long stem pipes
    Then yea you can... But if you are referring to the fact most places sale marijuana pipes in states or places that it is still illegal then they must call it "tobacco pipe" as that is how they dodge the federal bullet.. Hope this helps! Post a picture of the pipe! Congrats man!
  5. I dont think tobacco wood pipes have a carb I could be wrong but that's what makes a pipe a ganja pipe bro.
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    Yes, you can.
  7. Are you serious? Its obviously impossible. What a dumb question. Tobacco pipes are tobacco pipes, not marywanna pipes. People these days.
  8. its not worth getting a pipe like that...yes you can smoke out of it, but it will waste weed...its wasteful...get something with a carb
  9. If that were my only option I would just drill a hole myself and make my own carb.

    I just threw away my old glass piece that I no longer used I would have mailed it to you man sucks to be in such a situation.
  10. See that's a pipe made for weed right there and good price too. Bowl looks a little small but it well definitely do the trick.
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    He's from another country blade no need for disrespect in the city..
  12. carb or no card you can smoke weed out of any pipe meant for smoking. don't be dumb. the only reason a pipe has a carb is so that you can take bigger hits.

    with a carbed pipe you draw the smoke into the chamber and inhale with a short strong breathe. with a pipe that has no carb you just inhale with a steady sustained breathe.

    plenty of pipes sold as tobacco pipes but meant for weed don't have a carb.

    yea no carb is wasteful but your question leads me to assume you haven't been smoking long and that you're still an amateur. you probably aren't to the point where you are worrying about efficiency yet.
  13. dude , i dont know how custom will react (i live in dominican republic , better dead than jail time in this country)
  14. hell man if you're that worried about it just go to the grocery store and buy yourself an apple.
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    My child's father was born there... I wouldn't take the chance dear
  16. i guess i will buy a lot of apples...

  17. You have no idea what your talking about. Obivously it works just not as good cause tobacco pipes have big bowls.

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